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Work Wear for Women: Fashion tips for boss lady

work wear for women

Let’s celebrate women in leadership roles
with fashion!

Female entrepreneurs, founders, executives and professionals perceive power dressing as the new workplace accessory that can move your career along. Fashion builds and demonstrates confidence. It is a new empowerment tool because it’s important to dress for the life you want to live. Now women are a force to reckon with especially as we have a new focus on women uniting. Read on the interesting fashion tips on office wear for ladies.

Work wear for Women Style Guide

Blazer it up

work wear for women
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Blazers have been the pinnacle of sartorial elegance for the longest time – it is a piece of clothing that transcends fast fashion as it becomes adaptable to any occasion. Easy to style with any ensemble, a blazer is also perfect for any age or profession making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Try on a relaxed blazer to bring that delicate balance of edge and elegance as the highly recommended work wear for women.

Work the tops

women tops for lady bosses
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Choosing a good quality blouse for work seems like an easy task but to choose the right kind to look like a girlboss requires a little attention to detail. Just because you work in an office environment does not mean you always have to go for the usual monotonous black or grey suit. Have fun picking tops that have monochrome colours but are creative in their sleeves, cuts and patterns. No doubt you’ll look like the trendiest boss lady in your office.

Play with Shirts

office wear for ladies

It is no ‘little black dress’ and though shirts keep a low profile, they share the same versatility in the wardrobe. A patterned shirt can be matched with a classic black skirt or pants and even if you decide to go for a bold bottom, a simple, evergreen white shirt brings the whole look together. You can even get creative and opt for asymmetrical shirts for that added edge.

Don’t forget the bottoms

work wear for women

You need to choose your skirt or pants right to finish off that chic boss lady look. Your options are plenty from High-Waisted Pants to Wide-Leg Culottes to Pencil Skirts. Putting on a skirt can add sophistication to your look; a black pencil skirt is another must in your wardrobe. Just ensure that you balance the colours in your whole look by opting for a monotone bottom to match a bolder top and vice versa.

Dress sexy and classy

women dresses for lady boss
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Any woman can look sexy and professional at the same time. Choose a dress that accentuates your curves and keeps your look professional. Work wear for women will never go wrong with dresses . A well-fitted dress does this effortlessly. Have a go-to colour palette when choosing your dress – it is common for women to stick to grey, black and dark blues. These are tones you can never go wrong with. Similar to choosing tops, dresses in these colours have a sleek and sensual vibe that you just can’t get from any other coloured dress.

Always accessorize

office weaw
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There may be some choices but overall, there is not a lot of variety when it comes to work clothing. When creating a powerful style, the goal instead is to play with how you combine these pieces to make them look different. By playing with colours, patterns and accessories, you create a whole new look. Think earrings, necklaces and bracelets. A simple yet iconic accessory can complete the look making you look like a women entrepreneur.

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