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Wedding Dresses Singapore: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown?

wedding dresses Singapore

Wedding Dresses Singapore: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown?

Being unable to find the perfect wedding gown is one of the biggest nightmares for most brides.
Without knowing what to look for while hoping to look great on the big day, many brides eventually will be blindly trying hundreds of wedding dresses from many bridal shops.

The days of spending hours and hours tirelessly making visits to bridal shops after bridal shops are over! Scroll below as we share some useful tips to choose the perfect wedding dress online in Singapore.

 The Internet is Your Best Friend

wedding dress online Singapore

Do some research before heading to any bridal boutique. Social media platform like Instagram and Pinterest have millions of pictures of wedding dresses. The amount can be overwhelming but this is where you get the inspirations. Browsing online can help you start focusing on your liking.

Wedding Style Matters

wedding dress online Singapore
Credit image to The Louvre Bridal

Your wedding style clashing with your wedding gown is one of the things that you wouldn’t want to have. To avoid situations like this, we need to decide on what your wedding style is. Would you prefer a bohemian-themed wedding or a contemporary wedding?

Know Your Body Shape

Credit image to “How to be your own label” – by Fion Tay

It is advisable for the bride-to-be to know your body shape. It allows you to find the right gown silhouette most suitable for you. By then, you will find a perfect wedding dress that matches your wedding style and body shape. If you are unsure of your body shape, go for an A-line wedding dress which is ideal for all body types.

Make Different with Colors

wedding dresses Singapore
Credit image to The Louvre Bridal

You need to find the right colours that actually complement your skin tone. With so many color variations available, choose your favorite color to exude your personality too.

Express Yourself

wedding dresses Singapore

Expressing your own taste in your wedding gown is the key to everything. Lean on your daily look preferences for this.
A perfect wedding gown is the one that shows the best version of you.

If you feel like a novice on this, follow those steps above.

It is suggested to start the entire wedding gown search way ahead. It allows you adequate time to source and find your wedding dress online. At Love, Fioyo, we offer a wide range of wedding dresses and also gown fitting services in Singapore. You may like to book a Try-A Gown session with us to find your dream gown.

To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips on body shape analysis and how to choose a colored dress base on your skin tone, please download a copy of the E-book by our founder, Fion Tay. Join #ilovefioyo community for more fashion and wedding related content.

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