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Tops For Women: Shop Online for 12 Easy To Match Tops

Tops for women

Tops For Women: Shop Online for 12 Easy To Match Tops

Out of all women clothing types, finding the right top to wear for the day usually seems to be the most overwhelming for most of us. The problem sometimes is that we have too many tops and not understanding when to where what. The secret is to cut through the seemingly endless clutter and shop for the essential, stylish women tops online. So, here are 12 types of easy to match tops that every woman should have in her closet.

Silk Camisole

Tops for Women - Camisole
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For either a hot summer day or a night out, a silk cami is an easy way to create an ensemble that looks effortlessly put together. Pair with a long shimmery skirt and you’re ready to rock the classy evening look. The gorgeous lustre and smooth, soft texture of this loose-fitting camisole adds the extra feminine touch. It is no doubt that a silk camisole is classic staple top that should be in your closet!

Cross-back Camisole

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Since we’re on the topic of camisoles, how about this cross-back camisole? Designed with delicate straps and open cross back, this camisole is not only minimalistic but also downright sexy.  A V-neckline and crossed straps to show off your shoulders and it’s perfect to be paired with wide-leg pants. The strings are also adjustable allowing you to create a deeper V-neck when the occasion calls for it. This needs to go in the list of must-have tops for women!

Cascade Layered Blouse

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Be bold in your choices of tops for women and step out of the box with this cascading layered top. It’s a wonder how adding that extra layer to this top immediately brings an element of class and sophistication to the entire look. This loose-fitting top creates the perfect blend of comfort and style. Paired with a wide leg pants and you’ll easily be the best dressed woman in the whole room.

Satin Cowl Neck

One of the best comebacks from the 90s is the cowl neckline. Cowl neckline refers to any women’s top or dress that hangs or folds at the neckline. This satin top with neckline with delicate straps adds a modern touch to your personal style. Wear it with a pair of smart suit trousers and you’re all set for a professional setting. Add a blazer for a sophisticated and classic look.   

Toga Top

Toga tops have earned their place in the list of tops for women with their undeniable presence on the runway, red carpet and the streets. But why not take it up a notch and explore the theme of asymmetry in this toga top with the extended slit on one side – it’s unconventional, bold and proudly flaunts your collarbone and shoulders. You might even tie it at the side to give it a little structure! 

Keyhole Back

You know you can never go wrong with a classic black top – well, it may seem like a basic black top at first, but this sexy keyhole back takes it over the edge. Designed to effortlessly allow you to have your black top but at the same time, maintain an alluring sensuality. 

Tight-Waisted Blouse

Girl if you got it, you have to flaunt it. This waist-tailored top not only accentuates your shape and brings out your silhouette but with that pretty pink ribbon at the back, it keeps your look chic, fun yet elegant. You’ll never go wrong with this outfit on a date!

Wrap Blouse

This style highlights your best features making it perfect for work and after-work drinks. This wrap blouse pairs well with pants, jeans or a pencil skirt to elevate your professional look. You can even wear some delicate jewelry when the occasion calls for it.

Funnel Neck Top

A funnel neck is a great way to maintain professionalism while keeping a cool and casual look. It’s a high neckline that is loosened up adding a touch of status and importance to your look without coming off as too rigid – basically the perfect neckline to showcase strength and power.

Off shoulder, Long Sleeved Top

Isn’t it quite astounding how long sleeves can make a top look so different? With its off shoulder, enhanced silhouette and long sleeves, it creates a sleek, minimalist look especially when tucked into a pencil skirt or even work pants. This top not only shows off your collarbone, but the unique neckline elongates the neck creating a look that is both flirty and fun.  Easily one of the most stylist tops for women!

Back-ribbon Top

From the front, it may look like a cute white blouse but the twist (literally) comes from the back with a back ribbon! Keep it chic and casual with this loose-fitting, comfortable blouse and the addition of the back ribbon lets you flaunt your fun and upbeat personality.

Asymmetrical Top

Unlike most popular tops that create horizontal lines in your look, asymmetrical clothes create vertical lines. Vertical lines are much more flattering. Easily pair it with pants, skinnies or pencil skirts to transform a simple outfit into an extraordinary one. It’s a top that makes a strong style statement!

This elaborately curated list of ladies tops is sure to have something for everyone. Our self-esteem, daily mindsets, and the way we interact with others are largely dictated by how we represent ourselves. Consciously decide what to wear and then, wear it with pride. To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by Fion Tay. Join our #ilovefioyo community of strong, independent women and find your own label.

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