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Feature Article of Love, Fioyo By Her World Singapore

Her World Singapore

These Couture Fashion Pieces Can Be Transformed Easily Into Everyday Wear

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Celebrate your individual style with unique designer gowns and dresses

Everyone wants to look their best, but spending a lot of money on a gown and having it take up precious wardrobe space is not ideal. And that is why Love, Fioyo’s rental options are great – it offers convenience and a wide range of dress options at an affordable price.

Through its online platform, all the prices are transparent. This means you can shop for the perfect dress with ease of mind and no hidden costs – all from the comfort of your home! 

“I’m an advocate of self-acceptance, with a vision to help women realise their worth and a mission to instill confidence in them through fashion. I want every woman to feel like the best version of herself while wearing Love, Fioyo’s clothes, our slogan is Be Your Own Label,” says founder Fion Tay, who has more than a decade of experience in bridal fashion.

Based on your personality type, likes and dislikes, the Invisible Stylist will suggest a customised list of Stylist Picks just for you. The gowns are perfect for your Dinner & Dance, formal dinners and even weddings. Not sure about your size? Book a “Try It On” session, so you can see how it fits and get it altered.

Founded in Singapore, Love, Fioyo is your one-stop shopping destination that allows you to transform couture designs into everyday wear with its Signature Convertibles collection which consists of gowns, tops and pants. 

Keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customised for any type of event. The sleek, versatile designs have detachable layers, so you can wear the pieces in multiple ways and for different occasions.

Need to styling tips or want to share your #ootd? Get inspired by the women from the #ilovefioyo community – take part in conversations, learn lessons from one another’s experiences. “The possibilities are infinite as every woman is her own person. Together, let’s spread happiness, support each other in this journey to find our voice through fashion and style,” said Fion.

Love, Fioyo’s custom made “One Design. Multiple Looks.” collection of dresses use the finest fabrics  – each dress is a work of art and comes in limited pieces. If you end up really liking the piece, you can even purchase it!

Here are some of our favourite pieces.

For work or wedding

The minimalist Kiyomi jumpsuit has a detachable skirt that’s suitable for contemporary brides or for you to quickly go from work to a formal occasion.

For work or wedding

The Lowa crop top has a flattering scoop neckline and unique back detailing. Remove the tulle layer and you have a pair of straight leg pants!

For gala dinner or cocktail event

The Angelica gown has a detachable bottom. Simply unzip the organza train and transform your look into a cocktail dress.

For gala dinner or cocktail event

The Tove dress is a showstopping ruched LBD with criss-cross detailing can be worn alone, or under a nude outer layer sheath that is covered in sparkling crystals.

For black tie dinner or company D&D

The Venus satin gown with a sexy thigh high split comes with a detachable cape. It’s ideal if you want to have a peek-a-boo effect, and has a fun flirty bow at the back.

For black tie dinner or company D&D

The Sapphire evening gown features a light detachable cape. You can wear the dress alone with a boxy blazer to make it more contemporary.

Thank you to Singapore’s Number 1 Women Magazine, Her World Singapore in recommending our couture designs to the fashion world. Aligned with our motto, “Be your own label”, Love, Fioyo wants every women to express your own style and personality.

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Love, Fioyo

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Feature Article of Love, Fioyo By Best In Singapore

Love, Fioyo

Create your own label with Love, Fioyo

(This post was first published on Best in Singapore:

Women’s Online Fashion Store In Singapore Carries Pieces For Any Occasion 

Unique, versatile and sustainable.

These are the words that come to my mind after checking out this online brand. Be sure to add them to your shopping cart the next time you shop for women’s clothing in Singapore.

Founded by Fion Tay, this one-stop shopping destination carries couture ranging from tops to accessories for all occasions.

Self-Acceptance With A Vision 

Intrigued by uniqueness, elegance, and style, Fion Tay stands by all women to empower them through fashion by conjuring up a personalized list of fashionable clothing under the “Stylist Picks” for all ladies.

Previously worked in bridal fashion, Fion Tay wanted women to feel attractive every day, not just on their special day. She dove right into contemporary fashion with this in mind.

“I want every woman to feel like the best version of herself while adorning our clothes.” – Fion Tay,
Founder of Love, Fioyo 

Versatility At Its Finest 

COVID-19 has affected many industries, and that includes the wedding fashion industry.
Couples have turned to more conventional alternatives for their ceremonies. In order to abide by the social distancing measures.

Transform your style from chic to contemporary by adding variations of depth and layers with these pieces. The multiple layers allow customization of your own pieces – you can add on a cape or even remove some ruffled layers.

Designed with sustainability in mind. She encapsulates the raw essence of a woman with just one gown that is made to bring out the individuality of each and every woman.

You can now put your mind at ease about wearing the same outfit every day. Mix and match, customize each piece to the style of its own, and voila – a whole new look is achieved!

To Each Her Own 

Nothing is mightier than a group of strong, confident women. Fion Tay wanted to speak to women from all walks of life through fashion.

She strongly believes that every woman deserves to embrace her own identity, and it is best done with fashion. It is a significant step to cultivating self-acceptance by being comfortable in your own skin.

Love, Fioyo’s clothing adopts a subtle approach to luxury branding.

Their “INVISIBLE STYLIST” conjures up a customized list of clothing pieces based on customers’ personalities and preferences. This system obsesses over every detail to source your most flattering silhouette.

Manufactured with the finest fabrics, these are made to compliment the different types of bodies of Asian women.

Thus, the limited quantity per piece. 

Love, Fioyo – Be Your Own Label 

Love, Fioyo is the one-stop shopping destination for everyday fashion wear all the way to couture gowns.

They strive to provide a large array of evening outfits that allow every woman to feel comfortable.

Online rental is convenient and is the best solution now in the “new norm”. With its sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and practicality. 

On Love Fioyo’s website, you can shop with ease of mind. Knowing that there are no hidden costs or gimmicks. Along with the fact that it won’t blow a hole in your wallet, with Love, Fioyo’s reasonable rental prices.

#ilovefioyo is a community of strong, independent women. Sharing their stories, fashion tips, and feel-good messages.

Once again, thank you to Best In Singapore for featuring Love, Fioyo as one of the best online clothes shopping sites in Singapore.

Our founder, Fion Tay is inspired to make an impact and transform women’s life through fashion and style by guiding you through a journey of discovering your true self. Share this article to spread love!

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Love, Fioyo

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Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites: Why Shop at Love, Fioyo?

Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites: Why Shop at Love, Fioyo?

How do you decide where to shop? The quality of the clothes? Affordability? Unique designs? Love, Fioyo ticks all the boxes, and is nominated as one of the best online clothes shopping sites in Singapore! Building a brand experience is not an easy feat and furthermore, ensuring you have customer loyalty is another whole new ball game. That is why we at Love, Fioyo put all our efforts in ensuring we only deliver the best for our customers.

1. Come for the quality

online fashion store

A good design begins with using the right materials that fit the purpose. The quality of materials used in making a piece of clothing affects not only the aesthetics but also, the fit. At Love, Fioyo, we feature high-end materials with a more curated, hands-on approach where we pay close attention to the materials used and where they are sourced from. Being an online fashion store where our shoppers cannot physically feel the clothes before buying, it is more important for us to place an importance on the quality of our label.

2. Novel, limited pieces only

Now that you know we use quality materials; it is rather difficult for us to mass produce. The pieces you find on our online fashion store are limited edition. We only have a few pieces with the same design to uphold the high standards of quality. With Love, Fioyo, we’ve launched a platform focused on providing unique, quality designs for women to flaunt their personality – no two women are alike and to mirror that concept, we take pride in having limited editions of our collections.

3. Meet our Invisible Stylist

fashion stylist

Speaking of experiencing our brand, meet our invisible stylist! Embracing women in all shades of their personalities, we at Love, Fioyo believe that every woman deserves to have her own true identity through fashion. Our invisible stylist is strong, tenacious and has the keen eye to pick out what might be best for you. Tell her more about your personality – whether you’re feminine, elegant, charismatic, adventurous or alluring and she’ll do the rest with ease. The clothes we wrap our bodies in tell our own personal story – they portray to the world how we think and feel, reflecting our mood and needless to say, showcasing our style

4. We keep our prices affordable

Finding the right balance between fast fashion and designer couture, we have found the sweet spot where we maintain high standards for our label while keeping it affordable. We keep up with the latest fashion trends in Singapore and provide a whole range of outfits that you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when you browse through our online fashion store – you can find something that suits your style without breaking the bank.

5. Rent or buy? We do both

online dresses for rent

Green is the new black! Renting of gowns are now increasingly popular because it not only saves you tons of money – especially if you’re looking for an extravagant gown for just one night but it also allows you to support sustainable fashion. Love, Fioyo has a wide range of gowns ranging from the all-white wedding gowns to chic innovations designer evening dresses that will leave you looking like a runway model. Allowing both renting and buying of clothes, makes Love, Fioyo a one-stop destination for women and helps to build a close-knit community.

6. Rock our unique, unconventional styles

best online clothes shopping sites

Love, Fioyo’s stands for individuality as its motto says, “Be your own label”. Adopting a unique and unconventional style, our clothes have a bold personality and versatile functionality. Our signature convertible outfitsOne Design. Multiple Looks” are known to have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to convert a daily wear outfit to a jazzy, fun one for a special occasion! This is one of the main highlights of Love, Fioyo’s collections – keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customized for any type of occasion. Imagine with one outfit, you can mix and match the pieces to create a variety of looks! You can go from casual chic to a glamorous evening ball look in no time!

Other than our quality collections, Love, Fioyo has made a commitment to form a fashion family for women where we allow you to find your voice through fashion and style. To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by Fion Tay. Join our #ilovefioyo community and together, we stand with confidence and be our own labels.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo