Pre-Wedding Gown

pre-wedding gown
pre-wedding gown

Pre-wedding Gown For Your Photo Shoot

It’s your personality, your style and your pre-wedding photoshoot so make it all about you! Deciding what to wear for pre wedding photos can be a challenge! You’ve to consider what you like, what suits you and what works well with your selected locations. Many couples these days choose two or more settings for their pre wedding shoots, giving you opportunities for both formal and casual outfits.

The most important question to ask when planning what to wear for pre wedding photos, be it in Singapore or overseas is, “Where is your shoot going to be?” For example, brightly coloured gowns work well in urban locations, while more formal-looking locations are great backdrops for classic wedding gowns and suits. If you’re shooting at more than one location, create a mood board for each setting and you can narrow down your outfits.  

Think about your location’s colour palette and you can either choose a pre-wedding gown that stands out creating bold pre-wedding photos or one that blends in seamlessly creating more dreamy ones. Go for a long train ballgown with lace details for a more elegant and formal look while a classic sheath dress or a gown with embroidered lace details and beading gown can achieve a chic and more casual look. Your location and outfit set the mood for the type of photography style ranging from fun and quirky to ethereal elegance to casual lifestyle.

Let’s not forget the all classic white dress! Browse through our collection from sleek A-line dresses to long maxi silhouettes, or dresses with beautiful lace details. Casual yet dressy enough for this special occasion, a white dress also hints at the gown to come! That being said, you can also explore with colours – blue and yellow is a classic colour combination that stands out boldly against many backdrops and you don’t have to worry about it ever going out of style.


Pre-wedding Gown Rental Singapore

The pre-wedding dresses and suits you put on can make a huge difference in the way your photos turn out, and your outfits should complement the scenes of your shoot location just as much as the background should paint the best picture for your wedding photos.

At the end of the day, a pre-wedding shoot is to commemorate your special day; to tell your love story; to flaunt your personalities as a couple. Pick the theme that reflects your relationship and selecting the right pre-wedding gown and bridal dress will follow suit.

We bring a whole range of pre-wedding gowns for rental in Singapore that you’re sure to find one that brings out your style and personality.
Always remember, confidence is another key to creating beautiful photos!

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