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High Life; High Style – Editorial

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Editorial-Slider-Pic-2-Love Fioyo
couture fashion Singapore
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Editorial-Slider-Pic-13-Love Fioyo
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Couture Fashion Singapore

Our editorial spread brings you the latest high fashion pieces from Love, Fioyo. A fashion spread conceptualized is a story to be told; a dialogue between the gowns and the setting bringing to life the dream-like quality of couture runway fashion.

Paying homage to fashion trends over the ages, our collections presents a youthful and modern interpretation of classics. You might say we’re on way to make runway fashion accessible to the masses – it’s a step in the right direction to bring a deeper understanding about fashion to women.

At Love, Fioyo, our couture fashion editorial spreads chart the latest trends directly from runways, street styles, or inspired by strong women all around in women’s fashion. Having a keen interest to portray a distinct point of view in our fashion shoots, we’re usually bolder and more experimental in our art direction. Get inspired to create your look with our designer gowns.
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