Actual Day Bridal Gown

actual day bridal gown
actual day bridal gown

Find Your Dream Gown

The hunt for the perfect actual day bridal gown is one of the most exciting experience for any bride. The stress usually comes from not knowing what look you’re hoping to achieve on your big day.

Before starting the process of finding the perfect gown, decide the theme and style of your wedding. To avoid your wedding style crashing with your wedding gown, we need to decide on what your wedding style is. Do you want to be a princess in a ballroom wedding or a goddess at a garden party?

Whether your wedding is set to held at a ballroom, garden or the beach – it does pay to do a little bit of research into what kind of bridal vision you anticipate so that you can transform this experience into a pleasurable and fun one.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Whether you want to keep it simple, modern, minimalistic, classic, bold or adventurous, Love, Fioyo has a whole range for you to choose from. Our image stylists recommend trying on the various silhouettes – the empire line down, A-line gown, ballgown, sheath dress or the mermaid gown.

Once you’ve nailed down the right silhouette that accentuates your best features, it’s time to decide on the colors and the design. Needless to say, a white gown is always a timeless classic, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Feel free to explore other shades and tones to match the style and theme of your wedding. You also need to find the right colors that complement your skin tone.

Just like every other aspect of your wedding, your wedding dress is also meant to showcase your personality and style. Always pick a gown that is you and when you look back after a couple of years, the memories will bring a smile to your face. And always remember: “A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body”.


Actual Day Gown Rental Singapore

Be bold in your choice of outfit but have your comfort as a priority. When you’re comfortable in your outfit, you can easily own the look with effortless confidence. Trust us when we say that confidence is key for having gorgeous images. We are here every step of the way to help you pick an actual day wedding gown that is uniquely you to your own label.

To enjoy a one-stop wedding service, please feel free to browse our comprehensive wedding package. We offer a full range of wedding services from gown rental to bridal makeup, actual day photography and videography for a fuss-free wedding experience.