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Wedding Gown Rental Singapore: 10 Timelessly Classic Bridal Dresses

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Wedding Gown Rental Singapore: 10 Timelessly Classic Bridal Dresses

Your wedding is a “once-in-a-lifetime” milestone event that will forever be etched in your memories. How do you choose wedding gowns that you love now and make sure it won’t go out of the trend in 20 years later? Wedding gown trends and bridal dress styles come and go at lightning speed and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to look back on your wedding photos years after and cringe at what you wore. With the massive gown choices available from online wedding gown rental studios in Singapore, choosing a wedding gown is no easy feat if you are not doing your online research beforehand.

How to choose a timeless bridal dress?

Although fashion trends can be used as a guideline to what is in trend at the time of your wedding, the safest option is to choose a wedding gown that is more classic than others. This way, your wedding gown will always be timeless and you do not need to worry about your look being outdated a few years later.

Whether you are a classic bride or a modern bride, we think you should take a look at the list below. We are sure that there is something here for everyone. So check it out at our wedding gown rental store in Singapore!

Laser Cut Lace

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Brides either love lace or hate it! There is no other way about it. Lace has been forever tied to weddings, and it has an unparalleled elegance. Nevertheless, it isn’t equally liked by all. Not all women are smitten by the whimsical charm of floral details that flutter and scatter as a thin layer over a fabric underneath. Laser cut lace simply means that the details have precision and are very evident. This adds more style to wedding gowns and instantly makes the bride look classy.

Spaghetti Straps

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If there is one thing that makes every bride uncomfortable, it is an ill-fitting strapless gown. Nonetheless, many brides are not fond of wedding gowns with sleeves and thick straps, and so decide to go with a strapless gown despite how uncomfortable it can become. Strapless wedding gowns are a very feminine and romantic choice. However, they aren’t good on brides who are either large-chested or small-chested. A wedding gown with straps is always the better option for these brides. Spaghetti strap wedding gowns will rescue you from the dilemma of choosing between a strapless wedding gown or the one with sleeves. Some wedding gowns that feature spaghetti straps also come with low-cut back design, that will wow your wedding guests. So, it is a choice for the fashion-conscious bride; a wedding gown which is modest and glamorous at the same time.

Illusion Backs

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The illusion trend is one of the best wedding gown features of this century. The illusion design is the perfect way to hide those problem areas or highlight your best features when you chose correctly. It is essentially mysterious, and the surprise of seeing how glamorous a bride looks from the back. Subtly sexy, it has a romantic and delicate finish that can make any bride a ravishing princess. Most designs also feature a strand of fabric buttons that run through the center, and this only highlights the beautiful effect of this design feature.

Romantic Ruffles

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Ruffles are a beautiful feminine feature and enhance the appearance of a wedding gown. Ruffles can make your curves more pronounced by using the right quantity and right place. This camouflaging effect is perhaps, one of the reasons that this style element has always been wanted after. Smaller and tighter ruffles have the different effect. The impact of ruffles also varies according to the style of the gown’s skirt. It can look contemporary when added to the flared skirt of a fit and flare silhouette, while it creates a classic finish for an A-line wedding gown.

Simple Sheath

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A sheath design wedding gown is one that naturally drapes over a bride’s curves, considerably accentuating her feminine charm. If you look at the general trends that have come and gone over the years, you will find that the sheath is a standard that has always been in the limelight. This is precisely the reason it is a timeless trend. Additionally, it is a no-fuss style that will be loved by both the minimalist bride and classics bride. The other unique factors of this sheath design wedding gown are that it can be easily dressed up with accessories.

Light Colours

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Choose a color wedding gown that compliments your complexion, you will also look more beautiful than you possibly would. Colours like peach, blush and baby blue are beautiful choices. The other option is to consider shades like gold or silver, which are also beautiful alternatives for the traditional white wedding gown. Suitable for both the traditional and modern bride, these wedding gowns add an instant touch of glamour and make the bride look even more charming.

Sweetheart Neckline

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Shop Galactica Sweetheart Gown

Your choice of the neckline is definitely one of the most important decisions you make while choosing your wedding gown because this is what actually frames your face. The sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top curves of a heart. It offers a timelessly romantic look for brides of all ages. This sweetheart neckline makes it a wonderful option for fuller-chested brides and brides with a shorter chin or neck. Petite brides can also create more curves in a sweetheart wedding gown.

The Mermaid Cut

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Shop Bexley Trumpet Dress

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gown that shows off your hourglass shapes, mermaid cut wedding gown is one of the best ways to describe your best match and go-to silhouette. Your wedding gown doesn’t need to have complex details; a clean, timeless silhouette often makes the most flattering statement.

Off-shoulder Dress

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Shop Zurica Off-Shoulder Dress

How would you describe an off-shoulder wedding gown? Timeless, romantic, and sexy come together in one style that gives you both the beauty of a strapless dress and the elegance of a sleeved gown! This style is perfect for brides who want to show some skin while still remaining modest.

A-line Gown

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A-line or princess gowns are pared down versions of the ballgown and the most popular style for its universally flattering silhouette. Fabrics like tulle or full lace give it a modern look.

Now tell us, which of these trends is your favorite? Or is there any other trend that you consider truly timeless, and we haven’t featured here. If so, do write to us. 🙂

Best Wedding Dresses Online

Your wedding day is a truly special day, and you deserve to wear the wedding gown that you love, whether it is trendy, classic or ultra-modern. To find that special wedding gown of your dreams, check out our online wedding gown rental store here in Singapore and go through our wedding dresses of every type you can imagine. Make your dream of looking like a diva on your special day come true with Love, Fioyo!

We want brides to have a fuss-free wedding. Online gown rental is not only convenient but it’s also the best solution in Singapore now with the new norm. With online display, all prices are transparent and so brides to-be can shop with an ease of mind with no hidden costs. This way, couples can focus their energy on building and strengthening their relationship instead. Come. Join #ilovefioyo fashion community for more wedding gown tips and trends.

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