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Love, Fioyo


Flaunt your individuality through fashion 

Love, Fioyo encapsulates the raw essence of a woman – in all shades of personality.
Every woman deserves to embrace her own identity, and it is best done with fashion.


Fashion is a language with no borders.

Every experience makes us who we are. We get inspired by the women around us – the conversations we have, the lessons learnt from their experiences: we make these emotions come to life through fashion. The possibilities are infinite as every woman is her own person.


Love Fioyo is a fashion brand with a higher purpose. We advocate self-love and self-acceptance aiming to create high quality apparel that invokes self-empowerment and confidence, whilst creating a community (#ilovefioyo) of strong women with stories that are equally as compelling.

Design and Style

Made for the smart, ambitious and confident woman.

Our subtle approach to luxury branding is what we would like to highlight as a covert consumption of luxury without necessarily being ostentatious. Our women’s clothing collections speak to the modern-day woman; putting together an outfit that not only turns heads but also, brings out the individuality of each and every woman.

We have fashion stylists to give advice to women to pick out clothes that look best on them – ranging from the type of fabric, colors to the various cuts. Meet our “INVISIBLE STYLIST” – she’s strong, tenacious and has the keen eye to pick out what might be best for you under “Stylist Picks”. Tell her more about your personality and she’ll do the rest with ease to showcase your style.

Love, Fioyo brings ladies’ apparel to a new height with more than just providing a wide array of ladies’ wear. We bring a fresh concept to our clothes with our Signature Convertibles Outfits “One Design. Multiple Looks”. Adopting a unique and unconventional style, our Signature Convertibles Gowns have a bold personality and versatile functionality. They have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to convert a daily ladies’ wear to a sophisticated, elegant one for a special occasion! This is one of the main highlights of Love, Fioyo’s ladies’ wear collections – keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customized for any type of occasion.

Targeted at young and middle-aged women, our ladies’ apparel are all-encompassing with the perfect blend of modernity and evergreen elegance. We find a unique aesthetic to our fashion label, and let women take total ownership of their style and realize their self-worth.


It is all in the details.

We are on a mission to solve the biggest fit challenges faced by most women. From finding your most flattering silhouette to the ideal clothing line, we obsess over every last detail. Our collections use the finest fabrics creating masterpieces that suit all women. Catering to the different body types, our fashion label is meticulously curated to accentuate all the right curves. Since we carefully curate our collection, all our design pieces are limited edition. We don’t blindly mass produce, each dress in our collection is a work of art and inevitably, come in limited pieces.   

One-stop Shopping

Rent or buy – we’re a one-stop shopping destination for all your favorite styles.

Forget visiting multiple stores both physical and online to shop for ladies’ wear. Browse through our vast catalogue of contemporary, quirky and classic apparels, accessories to match your style.

If you’re looking to rent gowns, we’ve got you covered too! We know that green is the new black – renting of gowns supports sustainable fashion and we bring a wide range of gowns ranging from the all-white wedding gowns to chic innovations that will leave you looking like a runway model. Allowing both renting and buying of clothes, makes Love, Fioyo a one-stop online shopping store for women and helps to build a close-knit community.


Nothing is mightier than a group of strong, confident women.

Setting up a community or a fashion family with women sharing the same philosophy will bring us closer to the common goals: self-love and self-acceptance. Beyond enabling women to feel confident in their own skin, our community encourages a positive and healthy mindset. Afterall, happiness is a conscious choice that is needed to be made and being surrounded by like-minded people will only further enable that.

Going beyond sharing tips and latest trends on fashion styles, #ilovefioyo community will serve as a haven for women to empower and motivate other woman by sharing personal stories, feel-good messages and good habits to adopt. Let’s spread happiness, support each other in this journey to find our voice through fashion and style.

Stand with confidence and be your own label.