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An Interview with Fion Tay by ShopperBoard


Empower Yourself and Be Your Own Label

with a thoughtfully crafted Love, Fioyo piece

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The beginnings of independent fashion label Love, Fioyo can be traced back to a lavish wedding boutique where our founder, Fion Tay accumulated 15 years of experience in bridal styling.

A bold experiment and natural evolution of Fion’s strength as an entrepreneur cum fashion ambassador, Love, Fioyo strives to be a one-stop shopping destination for the everyday woman, from fashion clothing to couture gowns. Guided by their empowering brand philosophy of ‘Be Your Own Label’, every Love, Fioyo piece is designed and released in limited quantities, akin to handcrafted artworks produced by skilled artisans.

Fion is truly honored to be featured as the first inspiring girl boss on ShopperBoard, a popular fashion marketplace to speak on our brand’s philosophy, female empowerment and the future of fashion.

Prior to Love, Fioyo, you cut your teeth as a developer after graduating with a degree in Computer Science. What inspired you to take the leap into entrepreneurship in bridal styling and now, contemporary fashion?

I love challenges and I’ve always had a passion for clothing. Growing up, I’ve always been intrigued and fascinated by the qualities of uniqueness, elegance, and style embodied by the fashion industry. The creation of a bridal boutique is a clear testament to that. Witnessing the joy of others through the whole bridal styling and wedding process really made it all worthwhile for me. It ultimately made me realise that a woman should not only feel beautiful on her wedding day, but also every day of her life. With this in mind, I dived into contemporary fashion.

You’ve written and published ‘How To Be Your Own Label’, a motivational E-book that encourages self-love and self-acceptance. Can you share with us a self-care technique from the book that always works for you?

I emphasise on setting time aside for myself at least once a week to enjoy time with my inner self. I like to read books on enlightenment. Lighting up a candle or turning on the aroma oil diffuser is usually my Sunday self-care habit.

In a go-getter society like Singapore, women like yourself are empowered to wear many hats. What do you think is the greatest strength that a woman can harness in today’s world?

Have a dream and a clear vision to achieve it. Once you know what you want to achieve, overcome your fear and go for it. No dream is too small or too big. Dreams are powerful and they keep us alive, giving us a purpose to work towards.

Between Kate Middleton’s timeless elegance and Meghan Markle’s trendy and bold fashion choices, whose style do you personally resonate with?

Megan Markle’s bold fashion choices. Her style is similar to my fashion philosophy, where I like to explore the infinite possibilities in which I can express myself.

As a fashion entrepreneur, which famous female figure is your muse and how does she inspire your designs for Love, Fioyo?

Berta Balilti. I love her designs and she never fails to surprise us with her avant-garde style and bold choices.

How has the current WFH situation due to the pandemic impacted your design process for women’s workwear?

The designing and creative process is definitely not affected. In fact, I have more time at home to focus on conceptualising. However, the execution and production of the design is delayed due to this pandemic.

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What change would you like to see in the fashion industry, and how does Love, Fioyo fit into your vision for the future of fashion?

Sustainable fashion. Green is the new black! We are launching a gown rental platform for special occasions. Keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customised for any type of occasion.

Which piece of advice that you’ve received would you pass on to budding female entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business?

Always innovate and keep brainstorming for new ideas. Don’t blindly follow footsteps as everyone is on a unique path. Be willing to try—failure always has a negative connotation, but it actually means you’re innovating and trying different things to move forward so just keep pushing!

Once again, thank you to ShopperBoard, the trendy fashion marketplace for the great support given to Love, Fioyo.

To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download the e-book by our founder, Fion Tay. Love, Fioyo has made a commitment to form a fashion family for women to learn more than just fashion and styling tips. Join our #ilovefioyo community and together, we find our voice through fashion and style!

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