online shopping


 1. Where do I check my order details?
You can find view your order details at
At this page, simply click your order number to view the details.

2. What do my order statuses mean?
Pending Payment:  Your payment was unsuccessful, and your order will be cancelled within an hour.
Processing: Your payment is received, and item will be prepared to be shipped out.
Completed: Item is shipped out to the post office/handed over to courier.
Cancelled: The order is void.

3. Can I amend my order?
We regret to inform you that no changes can be made to your order after it has been confirmed.
This is to facilitate faster processing of orders and smooth operations.

4. My item is defective. Can I change it?
We’re sincerely sorry about the experience! Please allow us to address this asap.
Kindly refer to our Return and Exchange Policy here. 

5. I received the wrong item. What do I do?
We’re incredibility sorry about the experience! Please allow us to address this asap.
Kindly refer to our Return and Exchange Policy here. 

6. Can I make reservations for my order?
Unfortunately, we do not allow any reservations to be made for new orders.
Exchanges are also not allowed.


1. What modes of payment are available?
PayPal or Credit/Debit card payment via PAYPAL. VISA and Mastercard are accepted.
For your convenience, you may PayNow to us stating our Company UEN: 53403249D

2.  I do not have a PayPal account. Can I still make payment?
Yes, you can still make payment without a PayPal account. We will be pleased to send you a link via Alternatively, you can opt for other available modes of payment.

3. Are there any additional charges when I choose PayPal as a payment option?
We have got that miscellaneous cost incurred by PayPal covered for you! So, do relax and enjoy your shopping! The total amount that you will pay is the amount stated when you check out.

4. PayPal charged me an additional USD1, what is happening?
If it is your first time using your card on PayPal, you will be charged a USD$1 to your account. This is a temporary authorization charge. An authorization charge is a common method used to validate that a credit card is active and available for online payments.
Depending on the bank, the charge will remain for anything from a few minutes to 30 days before being released back to credit card balance. If the authorization charge remains on the card after 30 days, you may contact the card issuer. Kindly be clarified that the USD$1 charge is by PayPal which we do not have any control over.

5. How do I use my Store Credit?
You may checkout as per normal. On Cart page, please select the coupon available to use it. Please be informed that all available store credit will be applied. However, if the order is less than your store credit, the remaining store credit will continue to stay in your account. You may view it in your account page under the tab “Coupons” (

6. I remember that I have Store Credit, but why is it showing as $0?
Your Store Credit might have expired. Store Credit has a validity of 90 days from the date of issue.

7. How do I use my Gift Card?
You may just apply the Gift Card code at checkout. Be sure to check the value has been offset from your order’s final payment before completing your purchase. Any utilized amount will be stored as Store Credit for your use on the next purchase. You may view it in your account page under the tab “Gift Card Balance”. ( Key in your gift card number to check the balance. If you face any issues, Gift Card value might have expired (validity of 90 days from the date of purchase) or you may contact us at

8. How do I use my Membership Points?
You may just apply the Membership Points at checkout.  Do check the value has been offset from your order’s final payment before completing your purchase. Any utilized membership points will remain in your account for your use on the next purchase. You may view your Membership Points in your account page under “Points”. (

9. Why am I unable to use my Discount?
Firstly, please check if you’re logged in.
There are various possibilities why your discount could be invalid with below scenarios:
The Discount Code has expired.
Has the Discount Code been utilized before?
Did you apply the code at the “Promo Code” field at checkout?
Did you meet the requirement for using the Discount Code?
Some Discount Code might have their terms and conditions such as a minimum spending requirement to be met before you can apply it.

10. I am checked out without applying my Discount Code, what should I do?
Discount codes are unable to be applied to an order that has already been made!
You can always save it for your next purchase with us!

11. My checkout page won’t load. What do I do?
You can try refreshing your page and reloading it. If it still does not work (on Facebook, Chrome etc.), try using another browser.

12. Why did my payment fail and what can I do?
Please check if your connection is stable and strong. Otherwise for credit card payment, your card might have been rejected. Please check with your bank. To check if your transaction was successful, you may check your order history here at

Delivery & Return

1. What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?
You may check your order status here at

2. What is my return order status?
You will receive Store Credit in the form of coupon to your email within 3 working days upon receipt of the product. Please hold on to your tracking slip until we have confirmed your return. For more information on the return process, please read on Return Policy..

Product & Measurement

1. What is the best way to care for my apparel from Love, Fioyo?
We recommend all apparels to be washed by hand using cold or lukewarm water. Should you require to send for machine wash, please place the clothes into a laundry bag. It is always wise to separate the clothes by color, and best recommended to not mix white colored with other colors.  Avoid the use of bleach and starch. Always set iron at low to moderate temperature for most of the material. Some crease-free products do not require any ironing.

2. Help! I like a specific product and can no longer find it on your website.
Our designs come in limited pieces and the product you are looking for might no longer be in stock. You may email to us at, attaching the product image and we will try to find if we can restock for you.

3. When will you restock a product?
We don’t mass produce; – each piece of clothing in our collection is a work of art and inevitably come in limited pieces. It also depends on the availability from the supplier. We will take in your feedback and you may help us by clicking on the “Vote for Restock” link at the homepage footer and we might just bring your favorite product back!

4. How will you inform me if out of stock products are back in stock?
You may join our product wait list and be notified once the product is restocked.
Click on the “Vote for Restock” link at the homepage footer, leave your email address and indicate the color and size in the message box on the product page. We’ll send you an email the moment the item is available again for your order confirmation.

5. How do I gauge my UK/US size?

Please refer to the size chart measured in inches below:

6. What is your unit of measurement?
All measurements are measured in inches. In order to convert to CM, please multiply by 2.54.
Remember to factor in the multiplication of 2 in order to get circumference. E.g circumference of waist in CM = measurement in inches x 2.54 x 2.

7. What is Pit-to-Pit?
Pit-to Pit (PTP) measures the length between the two pit areas of the dress/blouse when it is laid flat. This is the same type of measurement for waist, hips, cuff etc. To get the circumference, multiply all measurements by 2.