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Singapore Fashion Stylist: Easy Fashion Tips From Fion Tay

Singapore Fashion Stylist

We dress to impress? No girl, we dress to express.
– Fion Tay

Fashion is about living in the now. Every day when we get dressed, we’re recreating ourselves. That’s an amazing thing! Our clothes speak our personalities, and the same works for fashion stylists. They create masterpieces inspired by their own style and their vision for the fashion industry. Singapore fashion stylist, Fion Tay taps on her new label, Love, Fioyo to illustrate her style and her vision to empower women.

Love, Fioyo plays on Fion’s signature style of minimalism to create charismatic, bold and classic designs.

As Fion launches Love, Fioyo to help women express themselves, she reminds us that fashion’s job is to create desire – not only desire for the name of a brand. While fashion, tastes and brands turnover at a dizzying rate, we should not lose sight of what makes great fashion: quality, passion, vision, human connection and love.

Let’s get a glimpse into the fashion tips and tricks from the founder of Love, Fioyo and Singapore fashion stylist: Fion Tay.

Q: When did your interest in fashion begin?

It started when I was a young girl playing dress-up with Barbie dolls. I used to gather material and sew tops, skirts and dresses for my dolls. I think the fondest childhood memory was when I would rally all my neighbours’ kids and orchestrate a fashion show. Even at that age, I used to think about details such as the theme, music for the fashion walk and the clothes to wear.

Fast forward to today, I am grateful to be putting my passion for fashion styling into creating my own fashion label for women.

Q: What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

Wow, this is difficult. I can pick 3 types of ladies’ wear.

  1. Jackets of various kinds ranging from bomber, denim, woollen and even casual blazers to bring a look together.
  2. Unique skirt designs including using materials like tulle and satin especially those that has a body-hugging, snug fit with an overlay that adds that extra touch to make it unique.
  3. Harem hip hop pants are making a comeback in dance and fashion. It gives your legs a bold, playful edge.

Q: What are the essentials in a woman’s closet?

Every woman has her own go-to outfits that she just knows works well for most occasions. I would say jackets are a must! You’d be surprised to see how a simple jacket can just bring the whole look together.

Of course, without saying, every woman should have a little black dress. It’s a classic and you can’t be without one. It’s a must have dress recommended by most fashion stylists.

Q: What shopping philosophy should women adopt?

At the end of the day, you have to feel good. Forget about the trends for a second and look for quality material. Most importantly, the clothes you choose should represent you.

Shop around, don’t settle till you find your own style.

Like I say, you got to be your own label!

Q: How do you want women to feel when they wear your clothes?

Ah this is simple! It’s my women’s clothing line’s philosophy.

As a Singapore fashion stylist, I want women to walk around with confidence and show the world what a strong woman you are.

In other words, everyone is a lady boss with dreams and aspirations!

Singapore’s fashion stylist, Fion Tay

Q: There is so much pressure on women to always look good. What would you tell women?

We dress to impress? No girl, we dress to express.

Don’t blindly follow trends or what you see on magazines. I know we hear this being said by not only Singapore’s, but all fashion stylists and I also know it’s easier said than done. As women, or even as humans, we are very used to comparing ourselves to what society labels as “perfect”. Find your own perfect.

You are who you are. Be your own label.

Q: 3 words to describe your style

  • Sleek
  • Contempo Cool
  • Charismatic

To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by Fion Tay.

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With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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