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 One Design. Multiple Looks

Convertible Dresses for the Modern-day Woman

When you consider the fact that you’ll likely wear your gown for a total of 5-10 hours on one day, it makes it a little hard to swallow that price sticker. Not to mention pondering over what to do with your wedding dresses or evening gowns after the occasion and don’t even get us started on the storage issue at hand! We have found a solution to recoup some of the cost after your big day or event is over and to support sustainable fashion.

With our avant garde fashion of Convertible Dresses, you can now easily transform your look by adding depth and character to your outfit. Our signature pieces “One Design. Multiple Looks” are known to have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to convert a daily wear outfit to a jazzy and elegant dress for your special occasion! Add a detachable cape, add on a layer of skirt over your jumpsuit or add multiple ruffled layers to your skirt! They’re so versatile that there is more than one way to style these convertible dresses.

This is one of the main highlights of Love, Fioyo’s collections – keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customized for any type of occasion. Imagine with one outfit, you can mix and match the separates to create a variety of looks ranging from chic to contemporary to traditionally classy! Create your own style by choosing your preferred individual pieces to customize and add layers to revamp

Get ready to be inspired and swoon over by our exclusive multiway dresses in our Signature Convertible Gown Collection!

Signature Convertibles

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Showing all 6 results

Convertible Gowns & Multi-way Dresses Singapore

The trend of wearing more than one dress for your special occasion calls a bigger desire to be stylish, fun, and different.   With a convertible occasion dress and multi-way gown, you get the best of both worlds: the statement look of a formal wedding or evening gown, and the chic reception look that fits your personal style.  There are many different styles of convertible dresses – short to long, full skirt to fitted, and even romantic skirt to stylish pants. Let’s shine the spotlight on you donning our beautiful and one of a kind collection of convertible gowns.