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One-stop Ladies Shop: Ladies Dress Code Guide To All Occasions

one stop ladies shop

One-stop Ladies Shop: Ladies Dress Code Guide To All Occasions

Ever received an invite to an event only to be stumped by the dress code? Understanding and navigating the difference between casual, smart casual and glam can be overwhelming. Being the one stop ladies shop in Singapore, we’re here to guide you through the different dress codes for ladies and get you ready to rock your outfit for any kind of event!

1. Weekend Casual

A casual dress code for ladies is an invitation to pick an outfit that you’re most comfortable wearing. Whether it’s a jeans and t-shirt look or a simple, white dress, you’ll be dressed according to the dress code. You don’t have to accessorise excessively; go for something relaxed but still keeping with your own style. 

2. Summer Vacation

Dress code for ladies exist while you’re on vacation too or at least when you want to dress like you’re on vacation – thinking about going for a summer vacation vibe? You can easily create that look with a jeans shorts, crop top, a fun kimono-styled cardigan slip on and of course, not forgetting a sun hat! Now you’re all set to lie on the beach awaiting your cocktails with tiny, pretty umbrellas!

3. Smart Casual

This one is the real head scratcher. What is smart casual? It sits right between casual and business attire. While jeans may not be appropriate, there are still many options to play around with. A funky pencil skirt with a matching tucked in top completes your smart casual look. Easily match it with boot heels or some dressy flats and you’re good to go!

4. Office Wear

When someone says office wear, your mind might immediately take you to black or dark grey tones to suit the dress code. We’re telling you that while there is nothing wrong with adorning black or grey pieces for work, there is no reason to not put a stylish, colourful spin on your look! Match a black insert with a bold red over lay to create a 2-piece midi dress and strut with confidence.

5. Power Suit

If you’ve ever needed to attend a corporate meeting or a had a professional interview, you’ll no doubt understand the challenge of dressing for business. Striking the perfect balance of professionalism and style can be tricky. From smart suits to sophisticated separates to mix and match, Love, Fioyo has office wear ideas that are sure to leave you inspired. Opt for this power black suit with slight touches of white to rock a chic yet professional look! 

6. Glam Up

If you have an event that stipulates glamorous party attire on your calendar, you should consider a dress or gown made from high quality material with some intricate details that go along with the setting and level of formality. Explore with colours, sparkling details, flower appliques and some bold jewellery to complete your look!

7. Wedding Elegance 

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without adding the pressure of deciding what to wear on your special day. There are many silhouettes to choose from. If you like the traditional look, go for a ball gown that has a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. Added accents and fabric embellishments, such as off-shoulder sleeves or delicate bead work, will bring your entire bridal look together. If you’re looking for a dreamy, romantic look, adding a flowy cape to your gown does the trick. The best part about this ball gown is its versatility – if you remove the cancan, it becomes an A-line gown! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, choose to flaunt your personality by opting for something less conventional; perhaps a knee length wedding gown or even a wedding pantsuit!

One-Stop Shopping

With Love, Fioyo, deciding what to wear based on different events and dress codes for ladies just got way easier! Just by answering a few questions, our Invisible Stylist can pick out the best-suited outfits for you to match your personality and any type of occasion. On top of shopping for daily wear outfits and occasions, you can also pick out your very own wedding gown online – be it to buy or to rent. We’re truly a one stop ladies shop for you! From classic white gowns to unique, vibrant pieces, you’re to sure to find one that suits your unique style of fashion.

Join our community #ilovefioyo of strong, independent women and find your own label.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Shop Dresses Singapore: 6 Nice Dresses to Elevate Your Look

shop dresses Singapore -- Love, Fioyo

Shop Dresses Singapore: 6 Nice Dresses to Elevate Your Look

Being able to dress chic and stylish for every occasion is a skillset to master. If you are looking for fashion guide on how to shop online dresses to add a bit of sophistication and class to your everyday outfits, these handy tips will revolutionize the way that you dress. Whether you’re headed to work, out for drinks, or even to Sunday brunch, these advice gems are sure to see you looking confident and fabulous every time you step out of the house.

The Little Black Dress

A little black dress is one of those things that will never go out of style. It’s sleek, slimming, and is one of those pieces you should always have in your closet. Get a black dress with unique details like peek a-boo back or an unconventional neckline for a spin on the classic look.

Lora Low Back Drape Dress

Classy and chic. Sexy back drapes that will sure make heads turn.

Shop dresses Singapore -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

Mira Belle Bodycon Dress

A figure-hugging dress that exudes your both your femininity and class both work and dinner. Glam up with a pair of sleek stilettos that speaks to a total boss attitude.

shop dresses Singapore -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

Jennon Low Back Bodycon Dress

Deep V back with illusion netting. The perfect dress to glam up for dinner dates. Put on a blazer makes it modest enough for to be work-appropriate.

Shop dresses online Singapore -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

Katie T Low Back Bodycon Dress

Epitome of elegance. Halter neck low back detail with crystal chain drops.

buy dresses Singapore -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

When in Doubt, Wear White

The most simple and modish look is wearing white! But don’t forget to wear nude undergarments when wearing an all-white look!

Callia Occasion Dress

Versatile white dress with slash to style your look for the special occasion.

buy dresses online Singapore -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

Casia Bodycon Knit Dress

Shop a dress online -- Love, Fioyo
Click to shop

Shop Dresses Singapore

We hope you like the dresses we have rounded up for this season. Find inspiration from your favourite stars and try mimicking their looks with your own wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the wide range of women fashion clothing for you to shop nice dresses in Singapore. Pick out the ones that help you to express yourself and own your style. Join #ilovefioyo community of strong, independent women and find your own label.

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Tops For Ladies Singapore: 3 Fashion Tops To Buy Online

tops for ladies -- Love, Fioyo

Tops For Ladies Singapore: 3 Fashion Tops To Buy Online

Tops are a must-have staple of every lady. Today’s fashion brands offer a wide variety of ladies tops fashion in polished, whimsical and casual styles. With further ado, let’s dive into the three fashion tops to invest in that are worth it for the long term.

Gathered Sleeve Blouse

ladies tops
Click image to shop

There are so many rules to finding the perfect women work wear ensemble, but one clothing item that always makes the cut is a go-to blouse. The most versatile ladies tops for office wear. A blouse can be worn with everything from pencil skirts to pants or even jeans. Work in style with our elegant baby blue bell sleeve blouse.

Sleeveless Shirt

ladies tops fashion
Click image to shop

A sleeveless shirt is exactly that, a shirt without sleeves. Sleeveless shirts are ideal to wear casually in warmer weather for both work and play, and they are also a perfect laying item under a blazer for a more polished look.

T-Shirt Blouse

buy ladies tops online
Click image to shop

T-Shirts are the perfect wardrobe essential. They are mostly made with woven fabric whereas, fabrics used in designing T-shirt blouses are usually softer and finer fabrics. And, sleeves and hems have no rules. T-shirts blouse can be worn casually, or they can be dressed up to meet any business meetings and occasion. Mastering the art of chic style comes down to a few key pieces. Comfy and stylish fashion staple that every lady should own!

Buy A Top

That’s a plethora of fashion in Singapore. We hope that you’ve learnt some knowledge on ladies tops fashion and had discovered the list of tops to invest in.  Feel free to explore the wide range of women tops online at Love, Fioyo’s online fashion store and pick out the ones that speak to you – at the end of the day, we want you to express yourself and be your own label.

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Lovefioyo Community: An exclusive with Stacie Ng: Establish Self-esteem & Confidence

Love, Fioyo Community - Stacie Ng -- Love, Fioyo

“Live in the present and love yourself more. Others’ opinions do not define who you are. Self-confidence comes within.” – Stacie Ng

Our lives will change as our self-esteem improve. We spoke to one of our Lovefioyo community members, Stacie to find out more about her upgrowing experiences and how she managed to overcome her low self-esteem and become a media talent.

lovefioyo -- Stacie Ng

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

 I am a mother of 3 children. I am also a tutor and a talent as part time.

Q: How did you start on this journey on empowering women?

It was by chance that I met Fion, founder of Love, Fioyo after chatting online. We chatted about fashion, children and on woman empowerment. It was then I started to share with her about my personal struggles on low self-esteem.

Stacie Ng - Love, Fioyo
Stacie Ng -- Talent -- Love, Fioyo

Q: Tell us more about your struggles with self-esteem.

During my childhood, my parents were always busy working and we learnt to be independent. I had always felt insecure and fearful, but I was unable to express myself back then. Without much guidance and support, I gradually suffered from low self-esteem. Thoughts of ‘I am never good enough’ always appeared in my head. I did not know how to manage my own thoughts.

When I was 11, someone made a casual remark about me, “You are tall and slim, however, your face is ugly.” The comment was repeated on numerous occasions. I took it very hard and this had taken away my self-confidence.  Words matter to me a lot for it’s my language of love. I was sensitive about the comments around me, it hurts but I just masked it off with a smile. Behind that smile was a world of self-doubt.

As I did not know who I could talk to, I wallowed in self pity. I yearned for love and attention. I wanted to be perfect, therefore, there was a point in my life when I became bulimic. When things didn’t turn out the way I want it to be, I would get very upset and mulled over it for days, weeks and months. The vicious cycle of wallowing in self pity went on and on. Over the years, it led to anxiety issue.

Finally, things took a turn for the better after I met my husband. His positivity and determination inspired me to seek for a change. In 2008, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and fulfil my dream. It took me a lot of courage to enter a Beauty Contest. It wasn’t to prove myself but more of pushing myself to face my fear and gain some confidence before I hit 30. I never had the kind of confidence to stand on stage and speak in front of many others. Though I did not win the title, I was really glad to have conquered my fear. It was definitely nerve wrecking to pull off a catwalk and did a Q&A, yet that was one of the best moments in my life. Never would I have imagined myself who was once timid and had low self-esteem to be standing on stage.

Q: Being in the media industry, how do you think media affects the way women see themselves?

Being in the media industry, it is hard not to compare especially among the women. We usually go through numerous castings in order to get a job. There will be occasions when we don’t get the job, we may start questioning ourselves like if it’s due to our looks, physique or age. We start a series of self-doubt that maybe we are not good enough. Soon, I realised that there are certain things which are not within my control like age and looks. I need to accept myself for who I am. It was then I started to place more focus on my skill instead. Of course, I still do feel disappointed for some castings.  It’s fine to have such moments, but we will just reflect, reframe and move on.

Q: What do you do to ensure that you take care of yourself?

Self-care is very important. I believe that it starts from within and as such, I focus more on my mental well-being.

Recently, I started family mindfulness and yoga with my children. I feel that it is very important to embark on mindfulness journey since young. We need to equip our children with such necessary skills in order for them to regulate their emotional needs. I have also started meditating on my own as it helps me to regain clarity and help us to feel better.

Our brain controls the way we think and function. We become what we think. Therefore, I decide on what to feed my brain. I read positive quotes and inspiring stories every day to keep myself going. I choose my social media platforms and peers selectively. Positive environment breeds positive outcomes.

Stacie Ng --Facestem -- Love, Fioyo

Q: What are some easy ways women can start their self-care journey?

Try asking yourself these few questions first.

“Am I sick of my current situation now?”

“Do I want a change?”

“What sort of change do I want to see?”

“How should I go about it?”

“What do I see myself when I am 80 years old?” – this shall be your end goal.

My journey may be different from yours and therefore, your self-care journey may differ from mine. You may want to find a community with like-minded people and seek support from there. 

Lastly, choose your peers and social media platforms wisely. Surround yourself with positive people and vibes. As quoted by Alexander Den Heijer, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

Q: What role do you think fashion plays in women empowerment?

I dress whatever that’s comfortable for me. When you are comfortable with yourself and the way you look, you will exude self-confidence.

Q: Drawing from your professional experience, how can women gain confidence and present themselves better (e.g. on camera)?

When I first started off, I would always worry about what others would think of me and whether I had done it right. Cast away those thoughts and just be yourself and have fun!

Q: Do you think more brands should adopt a philosophy like Love, Fioyo’s to focus on building women up?

Women should support women. I do hope more brands can adopt women empowerment philosophy like Love, Fioyo to help building women up.

Q: Lastly, any advice for women on self-care?

After reaching a certain age, I realise that mental well-being is more important than anything else. Life is like a roller-coaster, full of ups and downs. Ups are moments for us to cherish while downs are moments for us to learn to become more resilient.

My childhood may have played a part in shaping who I am, but I am not going to let my unpleasant past to rob my happiness. To those who are struggling, never lose hope. There is hope. There is miracle. Live in the present and love yourself more. Remember that others’ opinions are not your reality and they do not define who you are.

Lastly, self-confidence comes within. Love yourself and be your own label.

With a higher purpose, Love, Fioyo aims to create high quality women’s apparel that invokes self-empowerment and confidence whilst creating a community of strong women with stories that are equally compelling. We are empowered to help you find your true and authentic self. Come. Join #ilovefioyo community for more interesting and engaging content from inspirational women around us. Remember you are not alone.

Every woman has a story to tell. We look forward to feature your story too. Write to us at

Credits: Photography by Love, Fioyo Photo Moments

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Self-Care: The Unconventional Guide to Self-Love

self-care -- Love, Fioyo

“Forget being strong, a warrior, a superwoman, or a role model. I can be the best of who I am by being what I am already is.
A human being”- Jace Loi

Don’t think too highly of yourself.

What I meant here is don’t stop being a student. Forget the cliches on how we ‘should know’ or that I must look e.g. responsible, knowledgeable, capable all the time. Uncertainty and mistakes are part of life, trying to avoid them leads to the inevitable road of tension and stress. How about more space for learning and mistakes?

Laugh or dance a little.

Shake it off.

Don’t give up on being a child.

No, this is not about playing. Though you should definitely play too. ?

But being a child is also realising the tenderness and sensitivity you need to accord yourself. What kind of adult do you like caring for you when you were a child? Continue to do that for your mind, your body, your spirit and your soul.

I allow myself a little tantrum at times.

I let my mood pass and all is good after a while.

I can receive help from others when I need.

I can learn anything from scratch whenever I want.

Never too old for anything.

Instead of apologizing to others, start apologizing to yourself

Are you quick to say sorry to others, yet quick to criticize or blame yourself? We have certain tendencies in life because it helped us to survive our negative experiences. Maybe overtime, it felt like it’s easier to say sorry to others and take the blame. When we criticize ourselves as bad or inadequate or incapable first, maybe we feel that people will accept us or love us more.

It is one thing to have a healthy learning attitude but another to hurt ourselves internally to relieve the guilt and shame we feel. Mind habits and tendencies take time to evolve. For a start, try apologizing to yourself instead. If you blame yourselves relentlessly, you can try saying these to yourself,

‘I am sorry, sometimes I make things so hard for you.’

‘I am sorry these words must be hurting you.’

‘I am sorry that I never hug or love you when you need it.’

Sense in your heart and body how it feels to be embraced and held by yourself.

That is the beginning of self-love and self-care.

Waste’ plenty of time on yourself

Sometimes when we grow up, we are thought to spend time serving others, our roles become more important than living. It can feel indulgent or like a waste of time to do things for ourselves. There is so much in this world, even when you serving others, that requires us to take care of ourselves first. It is only after we have spent enough time understanding and growing ourselves, that our contributions in life can become more meaningful, more enjoyable and more fulfilled; Versus feeling obligated, limited and tied up.

If you think doing things for yourself is a waste of time, then please waste plenty of time to do that. Read that book, do the exercise, have that massage, learn and be familiar with your own passions, strengths, weaknesses, triggers, pain, sensitivities, pain, boundaries etc.

Build up your own capacity for joy, and give from the basis of overflowing joy and ease. Or you might risk feeling constantly empty.

Be a human being.

Forget being strong, a warrior, a superwoman, or a role model.

I can be the best of who I am by being what I am already is. A human being.

Walk and explore the grounds of the Earth. Sense all that your body has given you, be it sights, sounds, ecstatic sensations, glorious tastes. Fall and learn. Play with its infinite beauty and magic. Live well with the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Life is lived when puddles are splashed in and music is danced in. When challenges are confronted and pain is embraced and comforted. When joys are laughed out loud, and our tears are proof of having loved.

What is one thing you can do to love yourself today?

This blog post is a collaboration between Ming Mindfulness and Love, Fioyo, because of our common vision and belief in elevating women. We want to do this by encouraging empowered decisions and promoting self-learning & growth. We believe women can love and believe in themselves; and most of all, be comfortable in their own skin. Just ‘Be your own label’.

Come. Join #ilovefioyo community for more interesting and engaging content from inspirational women around us. Love, Fioyo is more than inspired to help every woman to practice self-love and self-care. Remember you are not alone. We are here to support each other in this journey.

With Love,
Jace Loi
Certified Mental Health Counsellor,
Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

(Images provided by Jace Loi)

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Singapore Fashion Stores: Love, Fioyo Women Community – The Soft Fearlessness in Her


Singapore Fashion Stores: Love, Fioyo Women Community
The Soft Fearlessness in Her

Tender.. Warm.. Loving.. Soft.. Compromising.. Weak

Edgy.. Fearless.. Strong.. Bossy.. Overbearing.. Dramatic

The desires and judgements as a woman tips over so easily, it’s hard to be one.

It can be hard to be a woman.

As women, we have been taught to be strong like a man, to be fearless like a man.

But maybe it’s time women teach the world what is real strength.

How to be Fearless like a Woman.

The immense strength to love and care in the most cold and hard situations.

Like water, in all its softness and flow.

But strong enough to carve the hardest rocks, and powerful enough to douse the fiercest fire. Soothing enough to calm the spirits of the world. Versatile enough to embrace all in its path.

To say no without a war.

To say yes because she is worthy as the equal half of the world.

To be beautiful and strong in her own skin, and whatever she chooses to put on her skin.

A woman can be whatever she wants in the moment.

Soft and Fearless at the same time.



This blog post is contributed by Jace Loi from Ming Mindfulness, because of our common vision and belief in elevating women. We want to do this by encouraging empowered decisions and promoting self-learning & growth. We believe women can love and believe in ourselves; and most of all, be comfortable in our own skin.

Come. Join #ilovefioyo community for more interesting and engaging content from inspirational women around us. Love, Fioyo -one of top Singapore fashion stores is more than inspired to help every woman to practice self-love and self-care and express ourselves through fashion and style. We guide you on how to choose the right women’s clothing to express your personality. We are empowered to guide you through a journey of discovering your true and authentic self to become your own label.

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Top Clothing Brands Singapore: 5 Simple Tips To Start Being A Conscious Shopper

top clothing brands

Top Clothing Brands Singapore: 5 Simple Tips To Start Being A Conscious Shopper

Conscious shopping is a rising trend and certainly for good reason. The pressure to reduce costs and speed up production time has caused the environment and the mental health of shoppers to suffer. Fast fashion is all about mass production, using cheap textiles and bombarding shoppers with promotions and marketing gimmicks. This can be highly stressful for shoppers. As one of the top clothing brands in Singapore, we like to take the initiative to provide some useful tips to help you start making the conscious shift to shopping ethically!

1. Support sustainability

Do you know that more than 16 million tons of textile waste were generated in just 2017 from fast fashion? Besides the sheer bulk of waste in landfills, fast fashion has an impact on the environment through carbon emissions.

Green is the new black! Gown rental are now increasingly popular because it not only saves you tons of money, it also solves the problem of finding storage for your clothes. This is especially if you’re looking for an extravagant gown for just one night, but it also allows you to support sustainable fashion. Love, Fioyo has a wide range of gowns for you to pick from guilt-free!

Adopting a unique and unconventional style, Love, Fioyo’s Signature Convertibles have a bold personality and versatile functionality. They have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to convert a daily fashion wear to a sophisticated, elegant one for a special occasion!

2. Learn more about the brand

Many shoppers look for transparency in a brand. You can always ask about the brand, the origin of the product and ensure that your purchase meets your standards and values. When you choose to consciously shop, you’re not influenced by promotions and marketing gimmicks. As a conscious shopper, you’ll start to shop based on your needs.

Love, Fioyo’s philosophy has always been about the customer first – putting your needs ahead of business needs. Apart from being transparent about the brand, you can visit Love. Fioyo’s website and social media pages to learn more about our brand philosophy and get useful fashion and styling advice before shopping online for women fashion clothing You’ll notice how good you feel when you know you did your research about the concepts behind every of our collection, in synergy between fashion and well-being.

top clothing brands Singapore

3. Feel confident in your fashion wear

Start buying high-quality products that suit you as a step in switching to ethical shopping. The alternative to fast fashion is to consciously buy ethical, sustainable, quality fashion wear. This is an opportunity for businesses to adopt an approach that respects workers, environment and the consumers in equal measure.

Love, Fioyo helps shoppers to build their inner confidence by taking care of their well-being with self-care tips and knowledge shared through social media and blog articles. Having dedicated fashion stylists to give advice to women to pick out clothes that look best on women. Ranging from the type of fabric, colours to the various cuts is one way where Love, Fioyo empowers our shoppers. Meet the “INVISIBLE STYLIST” – she’s strong, tenacious and has the keen eye to pick out what might be best for you under “Stylist Picks”. Tell her more about your personality and she’ll do the rest with ease to showcase your style. Regardless of whether you choose to dress to impress or dress to express, your fashion choices are a representation of your thoughts, perception, and style. At the end of the day, Love, Fioyo wants every woman to feel beautiful inside out.

4. Look out for affordability

Fast fashion has been criticised for its negative environmental impact. To keep fashion wear cheap, clothing factories are often sweatshops where laborers work in unsafe conditions for low wages and long hours. In some instances, basic human rights are even violated. Workers can be exposed to caustic chemicals and dyes and this is a major safety concern.

Finding the right balance between fast fashion and designer couture, Love, Fioyo has found the sweet spot where we maintain high standards for our label while keeping it affordable. We keep up with the latest fashion trends in Singapore. Love, Fioyo provides a whole range of outfits that you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. Browse through our online fashion store, you can shop for a fashion wear online that suits your style without breaking the bank.

top clothing brands

5. Shop for novel, limited pieces that are uniquely you

Conscious shopping is about feeing good before, during and even after your shopping experience. It’s easy to get influenced by massive sales and online auctions. But then at times, you’re left feeling guilty or with clothes that you may not wear that often. Making the shift from a compulsive shopper to a conscious shopper, you hold the responsibility to ensure that you shop wisely – only shop online for fashion wear that you know represent you and your style.

Top clothing brands like Love, Fioyo uses only high-quality fabrics. The pieces you find on our online fashion store are limited edition. We only have a few pieces with the same design to uphold the high standards of quality. With Love, Fioyo, we’ve launched a platform focused on providing unique, quality designs for women to flaunt their personality – no two women are alike and to mirror that concept, we take pride in having limited editions of our fashion collections.

About Love, Fioyo

Love, Fioyo’s stands for individuality as its motto says, “Be your own label” and this motto extends far beyond online fashion wear. We want to provide our shoppers with a wholesome online shopping experience reaching to the core of their being, enabling them to feel confident enough to embrace their true style. With proper fashion practices, we enable our customers to easily make the shift to conscious shopping. Love, Fioyo has made a commitment to form a fashion family for women where we allow you to find your voice through fashion and style. Join our #ilovefioyo community and together, we stand with confidence and be our own labels.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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#ilovefioyo Love Story Feature: An exclusive with Sharon Chua -It’s never too late for Love.


“The happiest people are the givers, not the takers.
I for one derive happiness from seeing people around me happy.”
– Sharon Chua

Often when people are looking to start a new relationship, they either look for someone to complete them or for someone who is exactly like them. So, they tend to present themselves in the best possible light to their potential partners – however, finding love requires a different, far more soul-enriching approach. One that begins within yourself. A change in mindset will set the course on love just right. We spoke to one of our #ilovefioyo members, Sharon to find out more about her love journey and her experiences in finding her one true love.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a financial adviser with IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd.  This career gives me a purpose in life as life is uncertain and hence, the need for us to be financially prepared is very important. I’m glad that I’m able to play a part in helping people plan their lives. This also explains my newfound love to help other women have the courage to find love. More importantly, to be confident and be comfortable with oneself. We need to find our own identity and not rely on others to determine who we are or to give us happiness. Women these days are independent. We have our own thoughts and know what we want for ourselves. No longer are we the submissive kind of ladies of the past whereby we will allow our man to determine our fate. However, we too need to understand the needs of men so as to enjoy a harmonious relationship. It takes two hands to clap!

Lately I have been sharing insights on relationships on “Love Quotes” on social media with the hope to bring different perspectives to friends and family. After having found my hubby Nelson, I too want to see many others like myself find the love of their life. I am elated to have found a good man who is serious about me and is looking to sharing a lifetime with me. Though it came late (at age 37), I was glad I did not give up hopes on finding someone whom I can connect with on a deeper level.

Q: Tell us how you met your husband

We were officially introduced to each other through my friend Vanessa and her husband. She was my client of many years and has been supportive of me in my business since the start of my career. During one of our insurance reviews meet up, she casually asked whether I am keen to meet a guy who is her husband’s colleague. She tells me that Nelson is a nice and hardworking guy. Usually working till late in the office. Though I was not impressed with the photo she showed me, I decided to meet him. Interestingly, I later understand from my hubby that he first noticed me during our matchmakers’ daughter’s 1-year old birthday celebration about a year ago.

Q: When did you realise that this is the man for you?

I have always looked forward to going on dates with Nelson even though we meet up almost daily as our workplaces are just about 5 mins of walking distance. We can chat on the phone for many hours till early am. Though it was exhausting, we were both happy. There were also many occasions whereby my family needed help and he was always there to lend a helping hand. He is a man who is caring of his lady and her family. He respects women which is a virtue I admire. Most importantly, I do see myself wanting to see him every day and knowing that he too felt likewise. A rare connection we both share.

Q: Is there a proposal story? If yes, tell us about it

After 3 months of dating, Nelson started asking his friends and colleagues on where they got their proposal rings for their spouse. He then subsequently brought me to a few jewellers and asked me if there is a diamond cut which I prefer. Quite sweet of him to want to get me a proposal ring I will love. On my 38th Birthday, my hubby surprised me by getting down on one knee and proposing to me in the presence of my parents. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Q: Tell us about your wedding – themes, special moments etc.

I wanted a simple wedding and was glad that Fion and her team from The Louvre Bridal was able to fulfil our needs in getting Korean style elegant gowns for myself and a suave suit for Nelson. I have managed to find myself a lovely baby blue lace gown and for my hubby; a navy blue checked suit which is my favourite colour! For the first time, we sang a duet together during our wedding for our friends and family. We had a great time! Took time taking photos with our guests. We could tell that they were so glad to see us together. Many said that we have a “couple look”. We were glad that Louvre Bridal’s photographer took amazing photos of us on our special day on 1st July 2018 and we are very appreciative of him.


Q: What were your past experiences like when it came to finding love?

Before I met my hubby Nelson, I had 3 other relationships which did not work out. I thought that the issues with my exes back then will be resolved over time and it took me many years before I finally decided to let go of past relationships. There were suitors I have dated however I did not feel any chemistry with them. Finding someone I would love seeing everyday became a tall order for me. The process of getting to know a new guy became a chore after some time. I almost gave up finding love.

Q: How did you overcome these experiences?

I told myself to have an open heart and mind. Allowing someone new the opportunity to get acquainted with me. Telling myself that I might just come across a guy whom I can connect well with. I had to look further rather than just being emotional; the need to move forward in life. Finding someone compatible is more important. Otherwise spending a lifetime with the person will be painful. Leaving someone can be for the better when it comes to love. It is best for both parties. At times, there is a need to have a change of mindset. Only then will life be better for us. Practicing self- love is important.

Q: What is your advice for women who are going through similar experiences? How can one improve on their self-esteem issues?

Feeling hopeful on finding a new love will be helpful. Talking to friends will be nice; to have a listening ear. Overthinking on matters will tend to be depressing. Once your outlook in life has changed, your confidence level will go up. Do pamper yourself by dressing up and feeling good about yourself. Go on dates and make new friends. Take time to read positive quotes and help people in simple ways in our daily life, doing these will bring us good vibes. It is natural to be attracted to people who are similar like yourself.

Q: How do you think fashion plays a role in boosting confidence?

I will think that ladies in general will feel good when they dress well. People around you will see you in a better light and will want to be associated with you. I personally feel that dressing well will be helpful in making a person feel attractive. Donning clothes matching one’s body shape is nice. Do try out different shades of clothing and discover colour shades which match you. It takes time and effort to discover your dressing styles. Brands like Love, Fioyo have taken upon themselves to go the additional mile to empower women with the knowledge on fashion tips and styling tricks to help us find our own style. Once you know what clothing styles and colours suit you, dressing up becomes easier. It feels good to receive compliments. Have people telling you that you have got dress sense.

Q: Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share with us

About a year ago before I met Nelson, I accompanied my friend to see Master Tiong. He does tarots cards readings. We were there to ask about our relationships. Back then, he told me that a year later, I will meet a guy whom I would fancy, and we would marry shortly. I did not think much of it. Hence, I was surprised when my hubby came along. We hit it off instantly and got close. As Nelson shared that he was facing work issues, I told him about the master. Upon hearing my story, my hubby says that he would like to meet him. The master was surprised that he asked about marriage as we only dated for a month. The master thereafter told us to start making plans for our wedding saying we were meant for each other. During our second visit to check with him on a good date, he mentioned that we were matchmade by Goddess of Mercy and we would need to thank her for her blessings. Our getting together is indeed a magical one and we were fated to be together; we bring joy to each other lives.

You may never know when love might happen for you because as simply put, it is not something that can be predicted. Instead of thinking of your life as “loveless”, you can remain open to the possibility and embrace the opportunities that come your way. As you wait for love to come along, you can think of your time as a period of personal growth. It is the time to take a personal inventory of your habits and choices in life. Your goal is to develop your skills, grow as a person and embrace your identity- basically, work on being your own label. Join our #ilovefioyo community for more inspiring stories from women, and even have a platform for you to share your own story. 

Credits: Wedding Photography by The Louvre Bridal and images are provided by Sharon Chua

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Fashion Lookbook: Deborah’s 3 Favourite Looks From Love, Fioyo

fashion lookbook

Fashion Lookbook: Deborah’s 3 Favourite Looks From Love, Fioyo

Let’s start the new year with inspirational looks of our muse, Deborah (@debxrahkwek). We’ve rounded up top 3 of her favourite looks for different occasions from our collections.

Work & Casual Stylish

fashion lookbook


Date Night


fashion lookbook

Gala Glam

fashion lookbook

gala gown


Whether elegant or edgy, classic or extravagant, our fashion lookbook inspiration has an abundance of fashion statements to spark your imagination.

Love, Fioyo is a fashion brand with a higher purpose. We aim to create high quality apparel that invokes self-empowerment, confidence, whilst creating a community of strong women with stories that are equally as compelling.

Here’s a message from #ilovefioyo community member.

“What I’m most proud of today is that we’ve progressed into a society where women now find so much empowerment in supporting other women – a strength in unity that we never knew we had while growing up as girls. We were wrongly taught by society through subtle actions that we are in competition with one another, as if we should put one another down to feel more powerful. But now we realized that true power we held was never in question, and it’s simply further unlocked by supporting sisters around you. This light is seen through many things, and one small but undeniable part is fashion; it’s beautiful to see the confidence women instill in one another when we dress so unapologetically for ourselves out of self-expression and empowerment.” – Deborah

Feel free to explore the wide range of women fashion clothing  and pick out the looks that speak to you and be your own label. Join #ilovefioyo fashion family for more positive vibes!

p/s: Pictures taken & provided by Deborah.

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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#ilovefioyo Community: An exclusive with Jace Loi: Embracing mindfulness & inner beauty

“Courage and faith is needed to truly embody a sense of patience and kindness to us ‘not knowing’.” – Jace Loi

A professionally certified mental health counsellor, mindfulness and yoga teacher cum founder of Ming Mindfulness shares her inspiring stories and knowledge to transform our lives.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is more permanent is that I am a woman, a daughter, a mum, a wife, a friend, a human being. Human connection excites me; love, vulnerability and compassion move me; and nature brings me home. While I started with a career in marketing and service, life has somehow miraculously brought me to do work in service of humanity. Am now a professionally certified mental health counsellor, mindfulness and yoga teacher and founder of Ming Mindfulness.

Q: When did your interest in mindfulness begin? What sparked it?

Since young, I have always been interested in the workings of the mind and pride myself in ‘reading’ people’s emotions easily. However, expectations of society and comfort kept me in the bubble of ‘normal’ life for a while (getting married, a 9 to 5 job, have a kid). It was not until I sunk into an extended period of low mood after giving birth, that I was forced to confront and study the mind. My mind.

It was not mindfulness per se right at the beginning, I stumbled onto different personal development tools as I search for my answers to happiness. For most part, I realise the journey had been this way: You keep asking the questions and be open to the fact that life will show you answers in the most unexpected ways.

In fact, it was more of a professional obligation that I became a mindfulness teacher when I was a mental health counsellor. The training and the practices answered so many questions I had accumulated over the years; it is probably the practice that led me to experience real acceptance. Acceptance of me.

It’s an ongoing journey. For a good number of years, I found it impossible to love myself.  Now, with cultivated intention, I experience more frequent glimpses of self-compassion that feels like a gentle warmth down the chest and belly of my body. 

Q: What are some specific exercises you do to practice mindfulness?

I do sitting meditation almost daily. Sometimes with guided audios, sometimes in silence. Sometimes I observe the breathe if my mind is busy. If I am feeling more anxious, then I practice just observing whatever arising within me, a sense of ease and not having to cope with whatever that is coming up.

I practice yoga frequently too and integrate the movement with my practice of mindfulness. Allowing the movements to be slow, focused, deliberate, and intentional.

Lastly, is to be not specific at all, in that I try to practice moment to moment. After some time of practicing, one can become familiar or sensitive to your non-present, stressed states. The noticing naturally brings me into a state of ‘practice’ in that moment by pausing, observing, and breathing. 

Q: How do you think women can take a contemporary approach to mindfulness?

I guess it not just for women but any human with a mind. We do exercise and watch our food intake to take care of our health. We commit the time and buy gifts to take care of our relationships. But the one thing that pulls us in all directions moment to moment is our mind (notably our thoughts, emotions, impulses and cravings), but we have never been inculcated with the idea of taking care of our mind or ‘exercising’ our mind. And that is what mindfulness is. When the muscles of our mind is well ‘trained’, our life is less likely to run amok because our mind is running us.

#ilovefioyo community

Q: What are some ways for working women to incorporate mindfulness in their daily lives?

I highly recommend some form of mind-body practice, I found it really useful in the beginning of my journey to practice yoga. Mainly because I was more motivated by exercise, but with consistent practice, the mind is bound to be involved.

There are plenty of short mindfulness practices on free apps, that can be done in 10 min or shorter during lunch breaks or while commuting. Mindfulness is one of those practice that is, strangely, about quantity and not quality. In fact, it is hardly possibly to practice mindfulness perfectly. But if we put our mind to do it for 10min daily, it is training the mind in ways that we might not even be aware of.

I also offer a 10-day practice program* catered for busy individuals, mixing short practice and short explanations of the philosophy and intention. In my own personal experience and while teaching mindfulness, I find that ‘modern minds’ needed to be soothed with some level of intellectual understanding before they will commit to ‘doing’ something.

Love, Fioyo review

Q: What is your advice to women struggling with self-acceptance and self-love?

You are not alone.

You don’t have to figure it out all at once.

Declare and ask the right questions without needing the answers right away. Most times, we are suffering because we feel that we should be able to self-love naturally, I should be able to summon it instantaneously when I want it. The mismatch of expectations causes sufferings, and not the actual lack of our ability to self-accept or self-love.

We must understand that all skills, including attitudes, mind habits need to be cultivated and practiced. E.g. Most human beings, we can walk by nature. But a baby also takes months to crawl, strengthen the muscles, fall numerous times before they can walk with confidence.

And sometimes we feel lost because we don’t know how to get there. And hence I simply declare – ‘I don’t know the answers, but I would like to learn how.’ Appreciate the small simple ideas that might come up for you, e.g. ‘Ok, maybe I read a book about self-compassion.’ Courage and faith is needed to truly embody a sense of patience and kindness to us ‘not knowing’.

We don’t know everything! And that makes us human, not weak. It gives us opportunities to grow and evolve. I am not ashamed to admit that way into my adulthood, the state of my mind is like a toddler learning to walk. It took me a while, but I finally did realise it is simply a process of learning, trying, falling and practicing. So.. patience, ease back, breathe.

Q: How do you think fashion can evolve or has evolved to be more mindful?

Mindfulness is about being present to what is here, riding the waves. What we wear influences our emotion, mood and even the vibes of an entire room. Fashion businesses is being mindful by being present not just to the material needs of their customer and other humanistic needs (emotional, mental, spiritual), or changing with weather and seasons or even the needs of the world.

A component that is hardly spoken of is the idea of wise engagement – to do good or to serve a cause bigger than the business itself. Fashion can certainly serve bigger causes because it is such an integral part of modern life. Some businesses serve by making sure their suppliers have ethical labour practices, some cater to the environment, some seek to make the world a better place with a positive message and good vibes; the possibilities are endless.

Q: What are your thoughts on Love, Fioyo’s philosophy of empowering women to be confident and to  “be their own label”?  

This is a great example of using your business to serve something bigger than just buying and selling. In this world where there is a strong culture to conform or adhere to a certain image, it leaves many of us anxious, exhausted and empty when we go home at the end of the day.

To express who you are, be it through words you speak, the clothes you wear, it can be an incredible relief to shed the pretence. To be able to support a positive message that we resonate with, allows us to have that sense of belonging and not feel so alone. When more businesses like Love, Fioyo inspires to support the well-being of their customers and the community, the impact, though hard to measure by profits, can drive connection and self-reflection – At the end of the day, what does it really mean to truly ‘be our own label’?

Come. Join #ilovefioyo community for more interesting and engaging content from inspirational women around us. Love, Fioyo is more than inspired to help every woman to build a positive, confident and empowered self-image. Remember you are not alone. We are here to support each other in this journey.

Credits: Photography by Love, Fioyo Photo Moments

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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