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Bridal Dresses Singapore: 2021 Dress Trends That Every Stylish Bride Should Know

bridal dresses Singapore

Bridal Dresses Singapore: 2021 Dress Trends That Every Stylish Bride Should Know

The bold, exaggerated wedding fashion is taking a back seat to the sleek, understated styles in the coming year, 2021. The usual trend-spotting might not come easy for us as this year has been one that is unprecedented, to say the least. The widespread of Covid-19 worldwide has shaken up multiple industries and the wedding fashion industry is no different. Lots of couples have resulted to having virtual, more intimate ceremonies to abide by the social distancing rules. This brings about a new need for a slightly different approach to wedding gown rental market.  We’ve rounded up top styles from our bridal dresses in Singapore for you.

No drama; no poof

Less is more. With the new norm of a troubled economy and social distancing practices, a less dramatic approach to wedding dresses seem to be the best choice. Less dramatic basically translates to no big poufy gowns to walk down the aisle in. It might even seem a little inappropriate to be dressed over-the-top. So, simply put, the theme for 2021 bridal dress style in Singapore is classy and minimal.

Minimalistic and clean

Talking about keeping things classy and minimal in wedding fashion, adorning a gown a with clean, minimalistic cut can still make a lasting impact. Keeping it easy-to-wear and accessibly priced, classic gowns with clean-cut silhouettes are always in style. Using lightweight yet luxurious textures and Chantilly lace, you can easily pull off the sophisticated bride look. A wedding dress with an A-line silhouette with airy, delicate fabrics certainly suits the minimalistic approach to wedding fashion.

Convertible style

Apart from keeping to the trend of ‘less is more’, this is also the time where we should focus on using innovation to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Introducing: the convertible gown. This style emphasises on versatility allowing the gown to be worn again post-wedding. By using innovation not only in design and style but also in functionality, we’re making fashion green again.


What if dresses aren’t your style? Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to the dress. Crisp, classic and chic, a white bridal suit has refined elegance written all over it. Whether you’re coveting structured and tailored or sleek and modern, you can find a bridal suit that fits your style. Choose from slim single-breasted blazers to cigarette pants to wide-leg pants paired with a fashionable belt to really bring a clean, structured and put-together look. This is guaranteed to make you stand-out as a bride.  

Surprise skirts

Just because, there is a seemingly popular trend in keeping it minimalistic does not mean we can’t have a little fun in our designs. How about choosing a convertible design with a pantsuit and pair it with a skirt layer – this way you’re sure to make a statement! Plus, a 2-piece convertible set gives you the option to repeat the outfit by mixing and matching after your big day. Versatility is the main highlight of the 2021 bridal dresses in Singapore.  

Sheer detailed gowns

Incorporating elaborate textures such as nude-netting, detailed sheer overlay and crystal embellishment does more than give the gown an immediate boost of sophistication. Such intricate, beautiful work is able to lift everyone’s spirits. Apart from keeping it light with delicate fabrics and detailed crystal work, this style of bridal dress creates a dreamy look that is modern and chic. With a silhouette that fits beautifully, accentuating your body shape, the bridal dress is sure to make you one stunning bride.

Chiffon overlay

Truly, femininity can be expressed in so many ways, but it almost always boils down to the details of the gown. A gown featuring a chiffon cape effortlessly creates a simplistic, elegant and chic look. This gown is also part of the convertible series. Being sustainable by having multi-functional wedding separates that are easy to restyle encourages brides to put more emphasis on re-wearable outfits. 

With an unpredictable landscape ahead of us, the focus is always on authenticity. This might encourage us, designers and brides alike, to be more willing to take bridal fashion risks. At Love, Fioyo, we focus on innovating and always providing you with a variety of bridal dresses for your wedding gown rental. You can find one that suits you and your personality. To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by our founder, Fion Tay who had more than 15 years of experiences in bridal fashion and styling. Join our community #ilovefioyo and get inspired by and inspire a group of strong independent women!

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Online Bridal Stores VS Brick-and-Mortar Bridal Studios

online bridal stores

Online Bridal Stores VS Brick-and-Mortar Bridal Studios

Online shopping is barely a foreign concept. The rise of technology has made online shopping a norm; how satisfying is it to make purchases while snuggled in bed with a nice cup of hot cocoa? However, when it comes to shopping for wedding, there is a little uncertainty to make purchases online just because it is such an important day and you just can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Let us put your mind at ease with these 5 benefits of shopping for your wedding dress online. 


Shopping from online bridal stores offer you the convenience of doing many tasks in the comfort of your own home. Instead of spending hours visiting numerous bridal boutiques, you can browse through a selection of gowns from an online bridal stores like Love, Fioyo. Shopping for clothes or gowns online can come with a lot of hesitation . You never know how something will fit on you. But with style guides and even, stylists at your disposal, you can easily find the right one.

Time efficient

We know we’re all racing against time. With your regular workload on top of planning for a wedding, the last thing you want to do is go on an endless journey from one bridal boutique to another in hopes of finding your dream gown. Combining convenience and the variety of gowns available with a simple search online, you save a whole lot of time by browsing through online bridal store.

online wedding gown rental stores


Shopping online generally offers the benefit of choice. You’re likely to find a whole array of wedding gowns with a search online. Certainly, more than what you would find just by visiting a bridal boutique. The benefit of having variety is that it opens you to options you might have never even considered, for example, a wedding pantsuit!

Ability to compare

If you spot a gown and immediately fall in love with it, you’re considered super lucky! Usually, you’ll end up wanting to compare gowns – the material, design, all the intricate details, cost of gowns and the list goes on. By shopping online, you can easily open countless taps on your laptop and do a quick comparison to select your dream gown!

Transparent prices

As is true for most forms of online shopping, you’re more likely to find a gown that is better priced online than you would at a physical bridal boutique. While browsing through the different wedding dress online rental sites, you can easily see the breakdown of the cost without worrying about any hidden costs. The amount that you see in your checkout cart is the final payment amount. Price transparency is a big win when it comes to online shopping!

As a savvy modern bride, try exploring your options to find your perfect wedding dress. Browsing through various online wedding gown rental stores is a great way to start. You can save lots of time, money and avoid any last-minute surprises.

online wedding gown rental stores
Credits to all the people involved.

Love, Fioyo prides itself as a one-stop destination for brides. You’re sure to find a gown that shouts out your personality and style from our whole range of gowns available. Before launching Love, Fioyo, Fion was deeply involved in the wedding industry and having successfully completed over 8,000 weddings. She brings her expertise in wedding fashion to Love, Fioyo. Therefore, rest assured, you’re in good hands!

We also have a group of talented stylists waiting to answer any of your questions and to be with you every step of the way. If you’re worried about sizes, Love, Fioyo has “try a gown” options and alteration services. Our team will ensure that you’re absolutely satisfied with your wedding gowns.

Join our community #ilovefioyo to interact with like-minded individuals and get inspired by their stories. Love, Fioyo has made a commitment to form a fashion family for women where we allow you to find your voice through fashion and style. So, join us and together, we stand with confidence and be our own labels.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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Style Lease: Hottest Evening Gown Styles for Lease This Party Season

style lease

Style Lease: Hottest Evening Gown Styles for Lease This Party Season

When someone mentions evening gowns, you think of elegance and sophistication.  There are many styles of party dresses or gowns granting you the freedom to choose one that expresses your individuality. From having a traditional, sweet looking prom dress to a sexy, sultry deep V-neck gown, here are the hottest evening gown styles you can lease for this party season!


style lease

From glamourous diva to sassy queen, sparkling dresses are in a class of their own. For a night out, you can pull all the stops with a fancy party dress. Sparkles are unapologetically bold; lease one of these bad boys and ultimately slay it on the dance floor (or any party for that matter).

Prom dress

A prom dress is often considered one of the most significant part of the entire prom experience so you should lease a dress that is evergreen – sweetheart neckline. These party dresses are known to give you a romantic and flattering shape that is perfect for any night. Flirty and fun, the sweetheart neckline teamed up with an on-trend pastel colour and you’re photo ready for the evening! 

Flattering Mermaid

Style lease

If you’re looking for a style lease that is sophisticated yet a little dramatic, look no further than a mermaid cut gown. A mermaid silhouette plays up your body’s natural curves as it hugs your chest and body before flaring out towards the end. This is a perfect party dress to lease out for a special occasion – be it a wedding or a formal evening occasion.


Gradient hues when done well can create a polished look; playing with light and dark tones add texture to your look and makes you stand out in a crowd. Pick an ombre party dress to lease for a night out if you’re going for a minimalist, subtle look while still being eye-catchy – only an ombre dress can achieve this perfect balance.

Short length A-line

Don’t get it into your head that evening gowns have to always be long or with a dramatic train – nothing wrong with that but try and lease a party dress that is slightly shorter in length but still very much in style! Short A-line gowns are designed to be narrow on top and wider toward the hem, creating a flattering silhouette. They provide the perfect stylish and contemporary finish to your look.

Deep V Sexy Back

Nothing says bold and fabulous like a deep-V sexy back party dress. The back-plunging V-neckline with a train invokes a sense of mysterious appeal that is flattering and no doubt, leaving you looking like a stunner at a party. Trust us, you can never go wrong leasing this style that is understatedly sexy.  


style lease

Off the shoulder dresses are all the rage now and they’re flattering for almost all body types. They’re a great choice for a party dress letting you show off a bit of skin with class and sophistication. Let your earrings take the centre stage by accessorising with something bold and dazzling!


style lease

The perfect dress begins with the right fabric and different fabrics suit different silhouettes and cuts. Sometimes mixing fabric types and adding appliques create texture to your party dress giving depth and richness to your entire look. This textural effect gives your party dress a lot of character and combined with soft fabrics and stunning intricate work, you’re sure to be a stunner at any event.

When it comes to fashion, there is no hard and fast rule. During this party season, we at Love, Fioyo present you with a whole range of evening gowns to choose from – at the end of the day, we want you to feel comfortable, confident and most importantly, like yourself in our dresses. Browse through our collection, pick one that speaks to you, lease it and it’s yours for your special night!

To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by Fion Tay. Share your preferred styles and get latest collection updates by joining our #ilovefioyo community.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

Credit Cover Photo by Inga Seliverstova from Pexels

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Simple Wedding Dress: 6 Minimalist Wedding Gowns for the Contemporary Brides

simple wedding dress

Simple Wedding Dress Online: 6 Minimalist Wedding Gowns for the Contemporary Brides

Are you embarking on the search for a simple wedding dress?

If your visions of your dream gown are less lace and ball gown and more clean, architectural lines and zero fuss, that means you are a minimalist bride.  The new minimalist evokes romance and a sense of timelessness, without excessive frills. It’s a dress that transcends the test of time.

From impossibly chic slip dresses to body-skimming column and mermaid silhouettes to clean and modern ball gowns, the options for simple wedding dresses are endless. Therefore, we have specially curated a list of classic and simple wedding dresses for online rental that still makes a very big statement. Scroll below for more bridal inspiration!


For minimalist brides who want an elegant wedding look with clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and delicate fabrics. This fit and flare satin wedding dress with detachable tulle train is the perfect choice for you.


For the brides who love a classic bridal look, get ready to fall in love with this spaghetti strap gown. She is a modern uptake on a simple A-line silhouette. Full of elegance and timeless beauty who makes for a fool proof bridal look for a sophisticated soiree. 


Elegance is personified in this wonderful light-weight chiffon wedding dress with a thigh-high slit that also lends a sexy, stylish twist. 


This bridal dress with embroidered lace bodice will delight every bride seeking a demure, stylish yet understated wedding look.


With two-piece wedding dresses hitting the fashion scene, we are seeing more and more sassy crop top bridal styles that are a must for a contemporary bride! If you are looking to add a little sassy femininity to your wedding day style, do consider this crop top bridal dress for a modern edge to a chic style.


No one can deny that a stylish jumpsuit makes for a refreshing change from the scores of traditional wedding dresses.

If you’re ready for something new this wedding season, then skip the dresses . Try one of this darling jumpsuit instead. Specially designed with a detachable sheer skirt, you own a two-for-one dress to switch your look anytime.  With this convertible wedding dress, you get the best of both worlds: 

For contemporary brides who crave clean lines and the ease of a relaxed silhouette, we have the best simple wedding dress collection for every bridal style and budget for rental online.

Come. Join #ilovefioyo fashion community. Follow us for a full selection of the season’s newest and most beautiful wedding gowns updates.

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

wedding dress rental

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Feature Article of Love, Fioyo By Her World Singapore

Her World Singapore

These Couture Fashion Pieces Can Be Transformed Easily Into Everyday Wear

(This post was first published on Her World Singapore: )

Celebrate your individual style with unique designer gowns and dresses

Everyone wants to look their best, but spending a lot of money on a gown and having it take up precious wardrobe space is not ideal. And that is why Love, Fioyo’s rental options are great – it offers convenience and a wide range of dress options at an affordable price.

Through its online platform, all the prices are transparent. This means you can shop for the perfect dress with ease of mind and no hidden costs – all from the comfort of your home! 

“I’m an advocate of self-acceptance, with a vision to help women realise their worth and a mission to instill confidence in them through fashion. I want every woman to feel like the best version of herself while wearing Love, Fioyo’s clothes, our slogan is Be Your Own Label,” says founder Fion Tay, who has more than a decade of experience in bridal fashion.

Based on your personality type, likes and dislikes, the Invisible Stylist will suggest a customised list of Stylist Picks just for you. The gowns are perfect for your Dinner & Dance, formal dinners and even weddings. Not sure about your size? Book a “Try It On” session, so you can see how it fits and get it altered.

Founded in Singapore, Love, Fioyo is your one-stop shopping destination that allows you to transform couture designs into everyday wear with its Signature Convertibles collection which consists of gowns, tops and pants. 

Keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customised for any type of event. The sleek, versatile designs have detachable layers, so you can wear the pieces in multiple ways and for different occasions.

Need to styling tips or want to share your #ootd? Get inspired by the women from the #ilovefioyo community – take part in conversations, learn lessons from one another’s experiences. “The possibilities are infinite as every woman is her own person. Together, let’s spread happiness, support each other in this journey to find our voice through fashion and style,” said Fion.

Love, Fioyo’s custom made “One Design. Multiple Looks.” collection of dresses use the finest fabrics  – each dress is a work of art and comes in limited pieces. If you end up really liking the piece, you can even purchase it!

Here are some of our favourite pieces.

For work or wedding

The minimalist Kiyomi jumpsuit has a detachable skirt that’s suitable for contemporary brides or for you to quickly go from work to a formal occasion.

For work or wedding

The Lowa crop top has a flattering scoop neckline and unique back detailing. Remove the tulle layer and you have a pair of straight leg pants!

For gala dinner or cocktail event

The Angelica gown has a detachable bottom. Simply unzip the organza train and transform your look into a cocktail dress.

For gala dinner or cocktail event

The Tove dress is a showstopping ruched LBD with criss-cross detailing can be worn alone, or under a nude outer layer sheath that is covered in sparkling crystals.

For black tie dinner or company D&D

The Venus satin gown with a sexy thigh high split comes with a detachable cape. It’s ideal if you want to have a peek-a-boo effect, and has a fun flirty bow at the back.

For black tie dinner or company D&D

The Sapphire evening gown features a light detachable cape. You can wear the dress alone with a boxy blazer to make it more contemporary.

Thank you to Singapore’s Number 1 Women Magazine, Her World Singapore in recommending our couture designs to the fashion world. Aligned with our motto, “Be your own label”, Love, Fioyo wants every women to express your own style and personality.

Share this article to spread love!

Repost from Her World Singapore,
Love, Fioyo

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Wedding Dresses Singapore: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown?

wedding dresses Singapore

Wedding Dresses Singapore: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown?

Being unable to find the perfect wedding gown is one of the biggest nightmares for most brides.
Without knowing what to look for while hoping to look great on the big day, many brides eventually will be blindly trying hundreds of wedding dresses from many bridal shops.

The days of spending hours and hours tirelessly making visits to bridal shops after bridal shops are over! Scroll below as we share some useful tips to choose the perfect wedding dress online in Singapore.

 The Internet is Your Best Friend

wedding dress online Singapore

Do some research before heading to any bridal boutique. Social media platform like Instagram and Pinterest have millions of pictures of wedding dresses. The amount can be overwhelming but this is where you get the inspirations. Browsing online can help you start focusing on your liking.

Wedding Style Matters

wedding dress online Singapore
Credit image to The Louvre Bridal

Your wedding style clashing with your wedding gown is one of the things that you wouldn’t want to have. To avoid situations like this, we need to decide on what your wedding style is. Would you prefer a bohemian-themed wedding or a contemporary wedding?

Know Your Body Shape

Credit image to “How to be your own label” – by Fion Tay

It is advisable for the bride-to-be to know your body shape. It allows you to find the right gown silhouette most suitable for you. By then, you will find a perfect wedding dress that matches your wedding style and body shape. If you are unsure of your body shape, go for an A-line wedding dress which is ideal for all body types.

Make Different with Colors

wedding dresses Singapore
Credit image to The Louvre Bridal

You need to find the right colours that actually complement your skin tone. With so many color variations available, choose your favorite color to exude your personality too.

Express Yourself

wedding dresses Singapore

Expressing your own taste in your wedding gown is the key to everything. Lean on your daily look preferences for this.
A perfect wedding gown is the one that shows the best version of you.

If you feel like a novice on this, follow those steps above.

It is suggested to start the entire wedding gown search way ahead. It allows you adequate time to source and find your wedding dress online. At Love, Fioyo, we offer a wide range of wedding dresses and also gown fitting services in Singapore. You may like to book a Try-A Gown session with us to find your dream gown.

To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips on body shape analysis and how to choose a colored dress base on your skin tone, please download a copy of the E-book by our founder, Fion Tay. Join #ilovefioyo community for more fashion and wedding related content.

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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ROM Dress Rental Singapore: Lightweight ROM Dresses For Your Intimate Solemnization.

ROM dress rental Singapore

ROM Dress Rental Singapore: Lightweight ROM Dresses For Your Intimate Solemnization.

In recent wedding trends, especially with the COVID-19 situation, intimate solemnisations are becoming the norm. To find a gorgeous and lightweight ROM dress rental in Singapore may not seem to be an easy task without making physical visits to the bridal studios previously. However, with Love, Fioyo’s newly launched bridal collection online, brides to-be can now shop their wedding dresses 24/7 at their own conveniences here in Singapore.

From bohemian lace dresses to classically romantic A-line dresses, you’re sure to be inspired with these minimalist ROM dress collections. Ahead, we’ve culled an edit of 5 light-weighted ROM dresses for the bride-to-be craving for a bridal dress of comfy to be worn for an elopement at home, a small wedding ceremony for 100, or a private exchange of vows at the Registry of Marriage.

Short or Without Train

With an A-line dress silhouette, this dress is suitable for petite brides to add some extra length to your frame. Simple and elegant for the fashion-forward brides.

Dance in Lightweight Chiffon

This light-weighted bridal gown is a popular choice for the modern-day brides who seek for a simple yet elegant dress.

Shimmer in Luxe Satin

The ultimate goddess satin gown with detachable cape. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of and so much more!

Chic Bridal Jumpsuit

A show-stopping wedding jumpsuit with detachable skirt for the contemporary brides or fashionista to make heads turn at any occasion.

Celebrate in Color

A midnight high-low blue laced dress with an elegant illusion mesh design sparkled with sapphire crystals.

If you have fallen in love with these relaxed, flowing silhouettes that are perfect for your intimate solemnisations and celebrations, remember to keep updated with our upcoming collection launches. Love, Fioyo is the ultimate one-stop shopping destination from everyday fashion to your ROM dress rental in Singapore. With a collection of solemnization dresses designed for the fashion-forward brides, wedding couples can enjoy a fuss-free online gown rental experience. Come. Join #ilovefioyo fashion community and stay on top of bridal fashion trends!

P/S: Credit cover image to The Louvre Bridal

With Love,
Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

wedding dress rental

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Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites: Why Shop at Love, Fioyo?

Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites: Why Shop at Love, Fioyo?

How do you decide where to shop? The quality of the clothes? Affordability? Unique designs? Love, Fioyo ticks all the boxes, and is nominated as one of the best online clothes shopping sites in Singapore! Building a brand experience is not an easy feat and furthermore, ensuring you have customer loyalty is another whole new ball game. That is why we at Love, Fioyo put all our efforts in ensuring we only deliver the best for our customers.

1. Come for the quality

online fashion store

A good design begins with using the right materials that fit the purpose. The quality of materials used in making a piece of clothing affects not only the aesthetics but also, the fit. At Love, Fioyo, we feature high-end materials with a more curated, hands-on approach where we pay close attention to the materials used and where they are sourced from. Being an online fashion store where our shoppers cannot physically feel the clothes before buying, it is more important for us to place an importance on the quality of our label.

2. Novel, limited pieces only

Now that you know we use quality materials; it is rather difficult for us to mass produce. The pieces you find on our online fashion store are limited edition. We only have a few pieces with the same design to uphold the high standards of quality. With Love, Fioyo, we’ve launched a platform focused on providing unique, quality designs for women to flaunt their personality – no two women are alike and to mirror that concept, we take pride in having limited editions of our collections.

3. Meet our Invisible Stylist

fashion stylist

Speaking of experiencing our brand, meet our invisible stylist! Embracing women in all shades of their personalities, we at Love, Fioyo believe that every woman deserves to have her own true identity through fashion. Our invisible stylist is strong, tenacious and has the keen eye to pick out what might be best for you. Tell her more about your personality – whether you’re feminine, elegant, charismatic, adventurous or alluring and she’ll do the rest with ease. The clothes we wrap our bodies in tell our own personal story – they portray to the world how we think and feel, reflecting our mood and needless to say, showcasing our style

4. We keep our prices affordable

Finding the right balance between fast fashion and designer couture, we have found the sweet spot where we maintain high standards for our label while keeping it affordable. We keep up with the latest fashion trends in Singapore and provide a whole range of outfits that you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when you browse through our online fashion store – you can find something that suits your style without breaking the bank.

5. Rent or buy? We do both

online dresses for rent

Green is the new black! Renting of gowns are now increasingly popular because it not only saves you tons of money – especially if you’re looking for an extravagant gown for just one night but it also allows you to support sustainable fashion. Love, Fioyo has a wide range of gowns ranging from the all-white wedding gowns to chic innovations designer evening dresses that will leave you looking like a runway model. Allowing both renting and buying of clothes, makes Love, Fioyo a one-stop destination for women and helps to build a close-knit community.

6. Rock our unique, unconventional styles

best online clothes shopping sites

Love, Fioyo’s stands for individuality as its motto says, “Be your own label”. Adopting a unique and unconventional style, our clothes have a bold personality and versatile functionality. Our signature convertible outfitsOne Design. Multiple Looks” are known to have multiple layers that are detachable easily allowing you to convert a daily wear outfit to a jazzy, fun one for a special occasion! This is one of the main highlights of Love, Fioyo’s collections – keeping fashion sustainability in mind, the outfits are designed such that it can be customized for any type of occasion. Imagine with one outfit, you can mix and match the pieces to create a variety of looks! You can go from casual chic to a glamorous evening ball look in no time!

Other than our quality collections, Love, Fioyo has made a commitment to form a fashion family for women where we allow you to find your voice through fashion and style. To discover more on self-love and deep dive into fashion tips, download this E-book by Fion Tay. Join our #ilovefioyo community and together, we stand with confidence and be our own labels.

With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo