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2020 Lucky colors for Zodiac Signs: An exclusive with Miss Jacelyn Phang, Singapore’s very own influential Feng Shui Master.

2020 lucky colors - Brown color women clothing

“Sometimes a splash of colors is all it takes to brighten your life” – Jacelyn Phang

With the Chinese New Year approaching fast, we thought it would be apt to shed some light on the coming year for the various zodiac signs. Join us as we get to know one of the Singapore’s youngest Feng Shui speaker, Jacelyn Phang. Bonus: she’s quite the fashionista herself!

Q:     Tell us a little bit about yourself

Super honored to currently be the youngest Feng Shui speaker, and a well-sought after Tarot Astrologist in Singapore. A little bit of background, I actually graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Economics from NUS and have a Techno-preneurship minor from Fudan University Shanghai, China.

After developing some interest in modelling and fashion, I competed in Face of Beauty International Beauty Pageant 2014 in Taiwan, where I represented Singapore and was recognized as the International Beauty Queen; after that went on to compete in Miss Singapore International 2016 and came in as the first runner-up. Now, I am very fortunate to be a professional model represented by The NU Management.

Q:  What are some of the challenges you face as a Social Influencer and a Feng Shui Master?

To be honest, it hasn’t been easy managing two jobs. I am blessed with a lot of engagements and it wasn’t a smooth sailing journey for my Feng Shui pursuits due to my relatively young age. Most clients who visit me are usually older, but I make up for it by being very good at what I do. I studied the subject at a young age and am known to translate the difficult concepts to very bite-sized content that people can easily apply into their daily lives.

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?

Feminine, stylish and modern.

Q: What is your view on Love, Fioyo’s approach to fashion, and women in general?

Love, Fioyo’s approach to fashion is empowering. Needless to say, the fashion pieces featured in Love, Fioyo are not only stylish, but downright unique and bold. They are a great way to celebrate individualism. The community set up is all about empowerment and helping women get inspired to find their own style.

Q:  What are some of the benefits, in your opinion, for women to join communities like #ilovefioyo?

Apart from getting updates on the latest fashion trends and exclusive look into Love, Fioyo’s collections, the community serves as a way for women to reach out and inspire, engage and motivate each other to be the best versions of themselves. Bonding over fashion and inspirational women not only creates a positive environment for growth but also, sets a rest example for the young generation of girls becoming women.

Q: Finally, being an expert on astrology, what tips do you have for the various zodiac signs for 2020?

Sometimes a splash of color is all it takes to brighten your life. Click on the video below to learn more about the lucky colors highlighted for various zodiac signs this year.

– to bring in good fortune.

2020 lucky colors - Yellow Color Women Clothing

Zodiac: Rat
Your career will be your wealth generator. Business owners should be wary of bad company. In relationships, display trust and avoid being controlling.

Zodiac: Dragon
This year is filled with risks and adventures. Opportunities await you; you will make great progress in your career. Singles, take your time and avoid rushing into relationships.

– is associated with light, goodness and it is also used to represent a successful beginning. Wear white to ward off negative energies.

2020 lucky colors - Brown Color Women Wear

Zodiac: Goat
Auspicious stars are shining on you. Business owners will see great progress while employees can expect promotions. However, be cautious with money and keep unwanted emotions under control to avoid conflicts.

Zodiac: Rooster
A busy year for you. Your efforts and sacrifices will see their gains. Manage your finances wisely and avoid big ticket items. Consider going on a health detox as well.

-is one of the 2020 lucky colors for you. Try changing your bed sheets, pillow cushions or a new coat of paint.

2020 lucky colors - Beige Color Women Clothes

Zodiac: Ox
There’ll be multiple sources of income this year. Focus on ensuring the money stays with you. Singles, possibilities of love will present itself to you!

Zodiac: Monkey
Great opportunities to advance your career or even venture overseas. Focus on your career, as it is less than ideal year to tie the knot. You’ll be in great health however, still be wary of overly oily or sweet food.

Zodiac: Pig
This is a superb year for you. Work wise, there will be many opportunities for growth. Singles, you should attend more social events where you might meet a special someone. Do however, take care of your health.

– is associated with the Fire Element. It helps draw in harmony and charm.

2020 lucky colors - Pink Color Women Clothing

Zodiac: Tiger
2020 is a bountiful year for you. Great opportunities at work and to showcase your skills. Enhanced windfall luck will bring potential good returns.

Zodiac: Horse
This year will take a toll on you. Things may not go as planned. Take care of your health and expenses. Get yourself engaged in charity work to dissolve the negativity.

– is the energetic color that will empower you, lift your mood and help you achieve what you want for the year.

2020 lucky colors - Red Color Women Clothing

Zodiac: Rabbit
Red is the energetic color that will empower you, lift your mood and help you achieve what you want for the year.

Zodiac: Dog
This year, you will make remarkable achievements. Business owners and employees will see financial gains. However, singles may have a tough time finding love. Be mindful of your health as well.

wearing 2020 lucky colors help you gain a connection with people to improve your approach-ability and friendliness.

2020 lucky colors - Brown Color Women Clothing

Zodiac: Snake
2020 is a favorable year to showcase your talents and abilities. There’ll be a boost in your career. Singles, you will meet a potential partner, and it is a great year to tie the knot.

Love, Fioyo has something for all the zodiac signs despite the wide range of 2020 lucky colors base on recommendations. Our Chinese New Year Featured Collection rings in the good fortune with all the right tones while still maintaining the sleek, sensual look that resembles our fashion brand. Speaking to the modern day woman, our women clothing collection seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary styles inducing a covert luxurious finish to your look.

Dress like a fashionista, make the best out with 2020 lucky colors and have a prosperous Chinese New Year!

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With Love,
Senior Content Writer of Love, Fioyo

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